What is your favorite iPhone/Android game?

Honestly, I can’t ever stick with a phone game for more than a week or so.
But, there are a couple that I like. I’ve had to dig through my head to remember some games I’ve played.
Egg, Inc. is pretty fun. I got kind of addicted to it for a bit. You basically click the chicken button and the chickens make eggs. These eggs go to a delivery truck and you gain money whenever you sell eggs. It’s just a clicker game though, so there’s nothing really big about it.
Dark Echo is a super cool concept. You move around in the dark to your exit, but there’s a twist. Every step you take makes a white ripple around you, letting you see where the walls are with sound. There are monsters surrounded by red ripples/sound that try to attack you. If you get attacked by these monsters, you die with a gruesome scream and restart the level. You can throw rocks into the dark to see what’s ahead of you or make the monsters follow that sound. You can walk quietly and sneak past monsters, or clap to make more white ripples/sound appear. It’s best played with headphones as well.
These are super addicting and satisfying; that’s the only reason I like them.

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