If I charge my iPhone twice a day, is that good for my battery? I never let my iPhone go under 20%.

My mom and I have the same phone an LG G4. She charges it once a day at night, so it is fully charged in the morning. She rarely gets the phone below 20% and charges it if needed.
I on the other hand, quick charge my phone twice a day from around 20% to around 80%.
After about a year my battery did last longer. I confirmed this by switching the batteries for a day and my battery was clearly more capable of holding more charge.
The only diffeence between you and me is that you charge your phone twice to 100% while I let mine charge it to around 80%.
I would suggest you charge your phone only up to 80% even if you have to charge it like 3 times a day. It will be worth it in a year or two.
Since I quick charge my phone I know that from 20–80% will take only half an hour.
This goes for all Li-ion batteries. As long as you keep the battery between 20–80% range your battery will experience the least amount of degradation.

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