Making the most of your battery on iOS 10.2

(Got this post deleted like 4 times now, because Automoderator suggested me to post this on r/iOSThemes .. :D )
Maybe this is also something for the 'newer' generation of jailbreakers, who jailbroke for the first time and want to stop their horrible battery life. I've looked through this subreddit and searched for some battery saving tweaks I am using right now. And I also look for more to get the most power saving setup for iOS 10.2
I've got:
[[Activator]] : Turn off mobile Data when connected to Wifi, Turn on mobile Data when leaving Wifi, Turn on LPM when connected to a power source, Turn off LPM when discharging
[[BatteryLife]] : Just to check capacity of my battery. Actually at like 89/90% with 1050 cycles
[[BeGreen]] : I've set it up to show me the raw percentage in statusbar instead of the iOS percentage
[[DetailedBatteryUsage]] : Actually a pretty great tweak to check if any daemons are eating up battery
[[Dissident]] : I've set Fast Freeze to Global
[[HideMeX]] : To hide elements like Blur, Searchbar on Today View and Spotlight in General
[[LiveIconDisabler]] : Well explains everything actually, disables animations of icons e.g. Clock to save battery
[[mikoto]] : used to disable the voip options of social media apps such as facebook.
[[Minimal Hosts Blocker]] : Blocking Ads etc which save data abd battery
[[NoMotion]] : Supresses Motion in whole system and in apps
[[NoTracking+]] : Disables tracking in social media apps like facebook which also saves data and battery. CAUTION: This tweak is affected by a memory leak, I did not know anything about. Use with caution - or not at all. Sorry!
[[Speed Intensifier]] : actually this is optional, since disabling blurs and motion those iOS aesthetics are gone, so im speeding up the whole system.
[[NoATCWakeUp X]] : Still in Beta!! Prevents the daemon atcwakeup to work which has a positive effect on battery life.
[NoFamilyCircled]] : Also still in Beta! Prevetns the deamon familycircled to work. But(!) makes the Find My iPhone App useless. So if you need the App, dont install this.
Are there any more tweaks which I should consider using/buying?
Here are also some settings you can change to save battery:
Also, disable Notifications from apps which dont send them often or something like that.
I also disabled everything in Spotlight-Search in Settings.
Furthermore I reduced transparency and motion, also in settings.
Moreover I completely disabled Background App Refresh.
If you dont need it, disable that your time should be set automatically.
Disabling Auto-Brighntess cant be wrong also.
I've set auto-lock to 30 seconds.
You can also disable Vibration if you dont need it.
Moreover disable location services for apps that dont need it. There are also system-services that can be disabled also ( almost all of them)
Disabling automatic downloads in the iTunes & App Store Section of Settings can save a lot of battery.
Last but not least, disable fetching for emails.
Any Feedback or Recommendations are more than welcome.

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