If you were to suggest a feature for iPhone 8; what would be yours?

Rumors suggest that Apple is going to skip the iPhone 7 variant and going to jump directly to the 8 or the X, as a 10th-year-anniversary model.
A couple of features I would like to see in the new iPhone:
  • Curved OLED display:
    1. Yes, finally an OLED display. Feel the colors, feel the vibrancy, feel the contrast, saturation, vividness with the hiked up resolution. Since the current LCD displays are also made by Samsung, the OLED displays are going to be so great, just like any Samsung flagship.
    2. Believe me, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the epitome of beauty in smartphones. Now feel that “Edge” in our splendid piece.
  • Removing all the ports:
    1. Yes, all the ports. Not even a 3.5 mm headphone jack, not a USB-C or a lightning too. It should support wireless pairing with the audio devices and of course wireless charging. Imagine how neat and clean it would look.
  • No home button:
    1. Completely removing the hardware from the front-facing of the iPhone and molding them into the screen. Actually, Apple has filed multiple patents to use Touch ID anywhere from the display. Simply amazing.
  • Camera improvements:
    1. No doubt, iPhone 7 Plus has one of the best cameras out there. The 12 MP sensor, the Telephoto lens, the image stabilization. But I and the others who are inquisitive about the photographs want more resolution. 16 MP would be better. In fact, Apple can improve a lot more. Literally just see the camera of Google Pixel. (WOW..!!)
  • Internal features up gradation:
    1. The A11 chip.The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have surpassed any smartphone benchmark out there by their enormous performance. Now imagine, iPhone working at a higher clock rate with a support of 3 GB RAM. And 3000 mAh battery (much needed).
    1. Only one variant, with a 4.7-inch display and all the specs mentioned above. It will be recognized as “Small Size, Big Explosion.”
    2. Software. I really really wish Apple should take some inspirations from the Jailbreak tweaks. Apple has done this in past (Control center & F.lux- Night shift mode) and should implement them more. There are a lot of creative tweaks available out there. (Hats off to them.) Apple should allow customization at a certain level.
    3. Retina Scanner. Wouldn’t it be great when you just pick up your phone, it unlocks automatically, without touching anything. The Retina Scanner in Galaxy Note 7 by Samsung used machine learning. It gets fast every time when you unlock your phone.
    4. AI Assistant. They should learn from the Google Assistant. The Google Assistant is way more intelligent than Siri is. Samsung recently acquired next-gen VIV AI, which is built by the original developing team of Siri. Probably we get to see it in action in the Galaxy S8. Please have a look. (Find the link below)
  • Price:
    1. For God’s sake, put down your pride and lower the amount. We all know you make a lot of profit by just selling a single piece of iPhone. (Approx 3 times more from the manufacturing cost.)
    2. People who haven’t even used iPhone once in their lifetime criticize iPhone because of its price. They don’t see what’s a perfection like. They don’t feel the integration between the iPhone’s hardware and software and with the other Apple products.
    3. Let them provide an opportunity to buy and shut their mouth.
1) Imagination
2) Youtube - EverythingApplePro
4) Viv AI-
EDIT:- The all new Bixby Assistant is based on VIV.

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