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iOS 12 group Facetime, Supports upto 32 people simultaneously

Apple introduces a group facetime in iOS 12 that supports video call up to 32 people at the same time along with the LIVE Memoji.
It’s a big update that Apple has made in it that everyone wished for. Group Facetime video calling is awesome as when people talk, their video gets larger whereas gets smaller when not.
The most interesting part of it, you can use the Effects of Animoji & Memoji in a real-time when you do a video chat.

How to Get Your iPhone Unlocked via Recovery Mode

How to Get Your iPhone Unlocked via Recovery Mode

Have you ever synced your iPhone with iTunes? If not, you can use the recovery mode to unlock your iPhone. It is essential to understand that this method will erase all your data on the device. It might take some time for the process to complete but in the end, you will be able to unlock your iPhone.

Step 1: Link your iPhone to a computer using a compatible USB cable. Then open iTunes on your computer.

Step 2: While connected, put your iPhone into recovery mode:

On iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus: Quickly press and release the Volume Up button, quickly press and release the Volume Down button, hold the Side button until you see the recovery-mode screen.

On iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Long-press the Side button together with the Volume Down button simultaneously. Hold them down until the moment you will see the Recovery Mode appear on your screen.

On your iPhone 6, 6 Plus and earlier: Long-press the Home and the Top (or Side) button simultaneous…

How to Enable Auto-Answer Calls in iOS 11/ iOS 12 on iPhone to Automatically Answer Phone calls 2018 Update

How to Enable Auto-Answer Calls in iOS 11/ iOS 12 on iPhone to Automatically Answer Phone calls Step #1. Launch the Settings App from your iPhone Home screen. Step #2. Find General.
Step #3. Tap Accessibility. Step #4. Next Up, scroll down the screen to tap Call Audio Routing. Step #5. Now tap on Auto-Answer calls. Step #6. Turn toggle On/Green next to the Auto-Answer Calls. That’s it! Enjoy the auto call answer without having to touch phone and headset. By default, the company gives 3 seconds to auto-receiving call. So your phone receives an incoming call after 2 or 3 rings. But it is to be customized thus if you want to decrease (up to 0 seconds) or increase seconds up to 60 seconds (1 minute) using beside given (-) and (+) switch. From now, your iPhone will auto receive next incoming call. For you quickly understand here I set up 5 seconds to open. Now your iPhone will work with regular settings, I mean, without slide to answer you can’t be able to receive the call from the caller. You will …

How to Make MacBook Air/Pro/iMac Run Faster after High Sierra Update 2019 Guide?

How to Speed Up MacBook Pro/Air/iMac after High Sierra Update?With the uncontrolled hype of the macOS High Sierra update that around its better data management, video streaming, and gameplay graphics, it is little wonder some Macs are slowing down to accommodate such functionalities. Various issues have been linked to slow performances in Macs, such as full hard drive, system aging or the presence of too many applications running simultaneously. Although this Mac becoming sluggish after High Sierra upgrade problem’s specific cause might be unknown, its fixes have been identified and some of our trusted fixes are listed below: 1 Clean Hard Drive on Your MacBookUnlike the human brain that constantly automatically deletes old and unnecessary data or files, the Mac never deletes a file because it is unnecessary and/or old. File deletion can only be initiated by the user. The flaw of this design is that over time, the limited space hard drive becomes congested and even filled up if nothing …

Interview with tweak developer Squ1dd13

Q1. HOW AND WHEN DID YOU GET STARTED WITH TWEAK DEVELOPMENT?A. I started early last year, after getting annoyed by the fact that I could only do to my device what developers made for my device. I decided, given that I have always been into computing, that I would try my hand at some Objective C (the language in which tweaks are written in). When I started, I really struggled to get into it, but after a while of hard work, I learned Objective C quite well and really started challenging myself with bigger tweaks. Q2. YOU ONLY RELEASE FREE TWEAKS. IS THERE ANY SPECIFIC REASON BEHIND THAT?A. I only release free tweaks because I do not have the money to purchase tweaks myself. From time to time, from small donations, I will purchase a paid tweak. However, I only get those donations because I am a developer. The people who install the tweaks are mostly not, and I think it would be unfair to rule out some people by charging for tweaks. Q3. ARE YOU CURRENTLY WORKING ON ANY NEW PROJECT (MAY OR MAY N…

How to fix Stuck On “iTunes Is Downloading the Software for This iPhone”?

1. iTunes Is Downloading the Software for This iPhone? How Long Does It Take?Actually there is no particular time limit on how long it will take for iTunes to download the firmware. It varies from people to people, depending on how soon your iDevice connects with the Apple server to download the software. Roughly 'iOS Download and Update' usually takes almost 30 minutes. If everything goes fine then your device might run smoothly in no more than 1 hour. If you find iTunes is stuck on "iTunes Is Downloading the Software for This iPhone" for hours, you may quit iTunes and restart to try again. 2. If Your iPhone Is in Normal Mode Before ThatIf your iPhone works normally before iTunes is stuck on downloading the software for this iPhone, you can try do something for both your iTunes and iPhone to avoid the problem. Here in this section, we've brought to you quite effective solutions that you can perform to fix the iTunes stuck issue. 2.1. Update iTunesFirst of all, make …

How to Backup Music from iPhone to iTunes

Use iTunes to Backup Music

If you change your iPhone or have unfortunately lost or damaged it, iTunes backup can help restore your lost data like music, camera roll, settings, accounts and documents on your new device. This means even if you have had the worst day and lost your precious iPhone, you can still take comfort in the thought that iTunes got your back and your backup!
Steps to Backup Music from iPhone to iTunes

On your PC or Mac, open iTunes.

Using a USB cable, connect your iPhone. Follow the on-screen steps, like use a passcode and “trust this computer”.

Click “File”. It's in the upper-left side of the iTunes window (Windows) or the top menu bar of the screen (Mac).

Select “Devices”. This option is near the bottom of the File drop-down menu.

Click “Transfer Purchases from [Name]”. Instead of "[Name]", you'll see your iPhone's name here. Clicking this option prompts the music to begin transferring onto your computer.

Wait for the purchased music to finish tran…

My iPad Won’t Connect to WiFi?

1. Restart Your Router and Make Sure You Are Within RangeBefore you start thinking that the problem is about the device, you need make sure the router is working correctly. One of the ways you can do that is to restart the router. It is possible that the router is unable to transmit over the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequency block. To restart it, look for the red button on the router and press it. Wait about 2 minutes after restarting the router, then you can try to connect again. Another reason your iPad could be failing to connect to Wi-Fi is that your device may be out of range. If the device is far from the router, change your location to see if the connection can improve. 2. Reset Your iPad Network SettingsIf you are certain that the problem is not due to the router, you may need to reset the iPad’s network settings. To do that, follow these very simple steps: Open the settings on your iPad and then tap on “General”. Tap on “Reset” and then click on “Reset Network Settings”. Now rejoin the …