How can I determine if an iPhone is a copy?

Just go to “Settings” and then if “Siri” option is available or not. Clones dont have Siri.
Dont get settled by this fact as Asian markets are filled with fraud.
Things to check:
  • Check the display panel (yellow and a little white reflection means that the panel is original)
  • Check the nut bolts and housing thoroughly. As much as the housing (body) is damaged it means that iPhone had been disassembled before.
  • Press the screen from corners and note that is it stationary or moving inside out.
  • Match the imei number from the back of the body and from inside by going to “Settings”, “General” and “About”. If both numbers match than it means that housing (body) is not changed.
  • Check the wear level of battery by installing an app called Battery Life. Make sure that it shows that the battery health is perfect or good.
  • Check if it is iCloud locked or not. Go to “Settings” and than in “iCloud” option if there is an option of adding an id than you are good to go if not than ask the seller to log out previous one.
So these are the main points to hover upon while buying an old iPhone.

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