What are some common WiFi issues with iPhones?

This is probably not what you're looking for but it is something that has annoyed me since I got my first iPhone.
There is no way to view the list of saved networks on your device.
The only way to make your iPhone “forget” a known network is to be within range of that very network so it will appear in the WiFi scan. Then and only then can you open the details and choose “forget this network.” And since your phone is always looking for available WiFi networks, you can easily find yourself connected to a network you didn't intend to, only because you couldn't remove that network from the device.
Every other platform - Windows, Android, and even OS X itself gives you the ability to view the list of saved networks and in many cases you can prioritize them, telling the OS which network you prefer to join if multiple known networks are nearby m. While I understand Apple’s ease-of-use position, I don't understand why this functionality still has not made it into iOS. I can't imagine a “manage saved networks” screen could be too hard to add.
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