How is it possible for an Instagram to be hacked?

How is it possible for an Instagram to be hacked?

My password is 25 characters long, consisting of uppercase and lowercase letters, spaces and numbers. A friend texted a screenshot showing me that someone got onto my account and edited the bio to say something insulting. I'm back on but I'm baffled by how someone was able to do that.
There are a number of ways someone could do that, regardless of how secure your password is.
Sure, a secure password is a great step to secure yourself, but it isn’t unbreakable.
For starters, the hacker could’ve have “Phished” you, using a “Keylogger”. This means that you (or someone else) downloaded a program onto your computer (probably desgised as something else) that tracks all of your keypressed. This way if you logged onto Instagram on your computer, they have your password.
Also, they could have reset your password, if they had access to your email (if that used a less secure password), and they could then lock you out.
The best way to secure your instagram account is to enable Two-Factor Authentication, a tutorial for this is here: How to Turn On 2FA for Instagram
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