Vernee Apollo X: 4GB RAM & 64GB ROM, the best combination for a smartphone

Most people agree that when it comes to RAM and ROM, the larger, the better. But the truth is, the extra space is nothing but a waste of money. You actually won’t need that much storage. So how much storage is the best?

Take 3GB RAM for example. When the phone is turned on, there is always only 1GB space left. And after running for a while, only several hundred MB left. When we switch between recent apps, insufficient RAM always causes lag and even app crashes. At this time, even the most powerful processor makes no sense at all.

At present, mainstream flagship smartphones are equipped with 3GB RAM. And most users change their smartphones every 12-18 months. Therefore, 4GB RAM smartphones, like Vernee Apollo X, become popular, and they can secure one or two years of smooth operation.

So how about 32GB ROM, is that enough? The answer is “no” apparently. Minus the space the system occupies, you get only slightly over 20GB left. One photo with 13MP takes up 5MB, one lossless song takes up 30MB, let alone heavy games or HD movies which usually takes up several GB storage. Even though you use only the basic social apps like Facebook, the cache files will multiply every time you use them. Besides, every update of OS or app will bring new functions and more beautiful interfaces, which take up more storage for sure.

Therefore, for most people, it’s wise to choose a phone with 64GB ROM such as Vernee Apollo X. You don’t need to clear the photos or uninstall apps to keep it running smoothly. And for some geeks, the up to 128GB memory expansion of Apollo X will be a great selling point.

In summary, the 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM combination of Apollo X would satisfy the needs of most users. It offers smooth operation experience while avoids waste of money. And the reasonable price of Apollo X also makes it the most cost-effective flagship with 64GB ROM.

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