WannaCry Ransomware 2017 Get to Know About It

WannaCry Ransomware – Get to Know About It

You must have heard about WannaCry or WannaCrypt Cyber Security attack that has affected over 300,000 Windows systems worldwide including countries India, USA, UK, Russia, China, Spain, Brazil, Ukraine and many others in North and Latin America. Why are people getting affected? The reason behind the people getting affected by the cyber attack is that they are not aware about the cause for it which is ultimately making our digital lives in danger. Read further to get to know about this growing threat and protect yourself from it.

Now before you get to know about this growing cyber attack these days, first to understand what the Ransomware is actually? If you understand this that what is Ransomware then you can find your way to stay aware of this and take preventive measures so that it might not happen to you. So, at the first you should know about the Ransomware.
the group behind the wannacry ransomware stil not known but it is launched on a large unprecendented scale.

the exploit behind the wanna cry is eternal blue exploit

EternalBlue exploits a vulnerability in Microsoft's implementation of the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol. Despite the fact that the vulnerability was resolved by security update (MS17-010) provided by Microsoft on March 14, 2017, many Windows users had still not installed this security patch when, on 12 May

who to blame for the attack ????

shadow brokers for realsing the tools online

wikileaks for making us realise how vulnerable the devices are on online

hackers to utilize the attacks to spread ransomware
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