Wanna be a first person to try tomato?

Wanna be a first person to try tomato?
come on!
#Android7.1.1 for #ElephoneS7 is in the final step now, the OTA is expected to be pushed in a day from 29th May to 7th June.
Now we launched the flash file on our forum for who want to try flash first.
We do not find any big bugs in this version now, but we can not make sure if there are any other bugs.
Any bugs, please feedback in the forum immediately.
After optimizing and fixing the bugs, we will push OTA.
Android 7.1.1 has many new features,such as:
1.Circular icon.
2.App Shortcuts for more convenient using.
3.Commit Content API, more funny in communicating.
4.Storage manager to help free up storage space.

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