Top 5 Facebook Tricks 2017

Hey there!
So this will be my first video for the year 2016!
This video is a lot special to me, because I worked really very hard in busy schedule to make this out.
So, this video features the top 5 working facebook tricks.
The tricks are :
1. Edit anything
Using this trick, you can edit anything on your timeline or others timeline, or anywhere.
The javascript to do that is : javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0
Make sure that you manually type in 'javascript:' at the beginning of the code and then hit enter.
Please note that once you refresh your page, all the changes will get lost.

2.Upside down Text
Type in any text there, and you will see the typed text is made upside down, you can copy the upside down text, send it to your friends and have fun with them !!

3.Save Browser
You can save the browser and the device which you use everytime to login to your account. So that, whenever anyone else hacks your account and log into it, you will get a notification that your account has been logged into, from an other browser or device. Thereby, you can change your password immediately and protect your account.
This is simply a great trick to protect your account from hakcers!!

4.Randos at
After you login to your account, In the facebook search, type in 'Randos at' followed by the name of a company or orgnisation (eg google) and hit enter, and then, you can find all the people who are working at that company !!

5.Upside Down English
You can change your facebook to upside down!! without using any third party tools!!
Just go to your language settings and change your language to 'English(Upside Down)' and save the changes. And Flash!! Your facebook will be upside down !!

So those are all the tricks which I found interesting and hence put them in the video. So what was your favourite trick?? Comment below.
Do you know anyother facebook trick?? Do comment below!!

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