Here’s a question for you

Here’s a question for ya:
If you were going to buy a new iron or hair dryer or TV, where would you go?
It's obvious: Amazon. They're the gold standard of trust and unbiased reviews. You know when you read 20, 40, or 60+ reviews you're going to get the true story.
I'm no Amazon, but I know you want to get an unbiased perspective on whether RankXL can really help you start an online business.
So I figured I would do 2 things to get you unbiased Niche Site Course reviews:
  1. Ask Niche Site Course graduates to write a review of the course.
  2. Ask them to include their HONEST evaluations of the course -- including the pros, the cons, who it's right for, who it's not right for, and how it stacks up to other programs
I trust my material enough to take the risk. And you get to read these unbiased reviews -- positives, negatives, warts and all -- and decide for yourself.
As you read those responses, notice the language they use. They're EXCITED about the possibility of opening up a new chapter of their lives with just a little nudge. Notice how they talk about investing in themselves instead of cutting back on everything, or waiting until "some day" when their entire lives are perfect. Even though they have doubts -- like we all do -- they've taken the leap.

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