The only tri-bezel-less smartphone with 2K display--#ElephoneS8

The only tri-bezel-less smartphone with 2K display--#ElephoneS8
When talks about the display, it is useless to only emphasize the size and craft without the resolution.
A phone with a large screen needs higher resolution to provide a clearer and better visual effect--this is a general trend, 
Elephone S8 is the only tri-bezel-less device with 2K large screen.
6.0" display combines with the tri-bezel-less design, which means the screen-to-body ratio is large.
With the 2560*1440 #2K display, the large screen gives you an unbelievable visual effect.
Besides, Elephone S8 equipped with a strong weapon--21MP rear camera and 8MP front camera.
We are now debugging the cameras, later the samples will be shown in a propriate time.
The link above are the original pictures of the three screenshots in video, you can click to feel the amazing details of 2K display.
Video link:https://youtu.be/pUjRxpzRF1k
More details:


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