1. WordPress SEO By Yoast ( Free and Paid )

This is one of the best SEO tools and WordPress plugin to perform SEO on page optimization activities on WordPress based sites. You can optimize the content both for readability and search engines through the factors highlighted by this plugin at the bottom of the post. For the better understanding here is the snapshot.
Keyword Optimization
Content Optimization
It can also be used to update or create the robots.txt file. By adding social profiles, you can add the image, meta title and meta description while sharing the posts on social media channels.

2. Ubersuggest ( Free )

It is important to select all the possible keywords user may type as a search query in the search engines. Ubersuggest helps to find all the keywords based on alphabetical order by appending words after your main keyword. It gives an idea for researching the right keywords for SEO.Related:Group Buy SEO Tools

3. SEO Quake ( Free )

Install this tool for the browser you are using. This is mainly available for Firefox and Chrome. First thing you should do when you start your working as an SEO Analyst is to check the important parameters shown by this tool. It shows the last crawled activity, Alexa Rank, social shares and SEMrush data including backlinks, keywords and traffic cost.

4. Google Analytics by Monster Insights ( Free )

Google Analytics is an important tool to track traffic, visits and important audience data. If you’re not sure where to add the tracking code to measure its results then use Google Analytics by Monster Insights for WordPress.

5. SEO Wizard ( Free )

This tool can be used to perform on page optimization plus helps in rectifying the broken links. If you have the problem of broken links on the site and want to rectify it to provide the good user experience then use this WordPress plugin. It doesn’t require any technical skill and by just one click you can give temporary and permanent redirections.

6. Google Page Speed Insights ( Free )

Site loading time of the site is crucial element for the optimization. If the site loading time is more then it will create a bad user experience and increase the bounce rate of the site. This is one of the SEO tools which highlights elements to be fixed to improve the site loading time both for desktop and mobile.

7. GT Metrix (Free )

This is one of the effective SEO tools to know the exact time taken by the site to load. Ideally, a site should load in 5 seconds so by checking the site loading time in this tool, speed can be fixed.

8. Google Keyword Planner (Free)

Google Keyword planner is still one of the best SEO tools for finding keywords although it now doesn’t provide the exact search volume. The reason is it provides broad list of keywords including the data of various countries. Some of the tools provide data but limited to the country such as USA.

9. Open Site Explorer ( Free and Paid )

This is free tool but has limited number of access. It is used to check the domain authority and off page factors. It is effective tools to disavow bad links to the site by checking the spam scores.

10. Majestic ( Paid )

It is also used for measuring the off page activity and one of the best SEO tools for backlink analysis. It indicates important factors such as trust flow and citation flow which should be increased in order to improve the domain authority of the site.

11. Google Trends ( Free )

It is an important tool for checking the latest trends of any topic or keyword. This helps in generating the content for blog or selecting the keyword which is highly trending on the web.

12. SimilarWeb ( Free and Paid )

This is an important tool to check the traffic, time spent on the site, traffic generating countries. It is used to know the important site metrics for performing link building activities or competitor analysis for the site.

13. SERP Lab ( Free )

Keyword Monitoring plays a crucial role in SEO. Thus it is important to check the rankings of keyword regularly to plan the successful SEO strategies. This tool helps in knowing the position of the keyword in the particular location such as Google.com, Google.co.in etc in search engine result pages.

14. Structured Data Testing Tool (Free )

Schema Markups play a significant role in improving the rankings and enhancing Meta descriptions to increase the click through rate. Structured data testing tool helps in testing the schema mark up code. If there is no error and no warning then the code generated is correct as shown in the below snapshot.
structured data testing tool

15. JSON LD Code Generator ( Free )

This tool can easily generate the main schema mark ups code such as local business, Person, Product, Event, Organization and website. You can easily generate the code and test it in the structured data testing tool.

16. Keyword.io ( Free and Paid )

This is a best alternative to Google Keyword Planner as it helps in finding the right keyword combinations. You just have to simply type seed keyword and you will get the keyword list. It uses YouTube auto complete feature in generating the relevant long-tail keywords about a specific topic.

17. GIMP ( Free )

It is used to compress the image size by retaining the resolution of the image. Image Optimization is crucial for improving the site loading time. Check this video for learning on how to optimize images.

18. SEOPressor ( Paid )

It is the best WordPress plugin to manage all the major SEO tasks including on page analysis, semantic building, redirections, canonicalization, link management. If you’re not tech savvy or have little knowledge about SEO then this is one of the best SEO tools for you to manage your website.

19. SEMrush ( Free and Paid )

It is the best SEO tool I have ever come across as it helps in performing on page analysis, backlink management and competitor analysis. I use this tool personally and found it as an effective and useful for managing my blog and it is a worth spending money on it. You can analyze your site right now and see the results by entering your domain name.

20. Long Tail Pro ( Paid )

Long tail keywords will be a key to success for SEO in coming years. If you’re looking for keywords for your site and facing difficulty finding it then this is an effective SEO tool. This will not help you to find the keywords but will land you on the first page of Google quickly by providing the best keywords.
I hope these SEO tools will help you to perform all the SEO tasks smartly and in quick time.

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