I work in SEO (full-time) and this is what I did today

I work in SEO (full-time) and this is what I did today:
  • I curated and broadcasted content for a client on LinkedIn Elevate and on Hearsay Social (employee advocacy platforms).
  • Followed-up on some content writing projects. In case you wonder, the content creation process goes something like this:
    • Find content gaps for my client (I’ll skip the details here otherwise this answer may never end);
    • Propose to client a variety of blog topics we should have articles about (how-to questions pertaining to my client’s industry / products, inspirational content, etc.);
    • Create a copy deck (per article) and hand it over to the writer / copywriter / journalist / freelancer (depending on the situation);
    • Review the text once done (I look at specific things such as title, subtitles, internal linking opportunities, etc.), adjust it, eventually send it back to the writer for corrections;
    • (Sometimes) publish the article online, add SERP title, meta description, etc.
  • Worked on a presentation that I will be giving tomorrow on the topic of link-building (wish me luck).
  • Revised some articles for another client, did some keyword research, ate an ice-cream.
Yes, a rather content-focused day. On other occasions (it mostly depends on the mandates that fall into my lap), I do these things as well:
  • Technical SEO audits: check URL parameters and redirections, review sitemap(s), see if there is any duplicate content (within the website itself or plagiarism), see if there are any crawl errors, test page speed, inspect structured data markup, etc. etc.;
  • Backlink audits: pull backlink data with ahrefs, see who links to my client’s site and what types of links they are, check if there are any dead (from killed pages) or toxic (from spammy sites) backlinks, look for - natural - backlink opportunities, etc.
PS - Perhaps worth mentioning that I use certain tools to do the tasks described above. Screaming Frog, SEMrush, URL Profiler, BuzzSumo, KeywordTool.io, Google Search Console, Google Analytics and probably a couple more that I’m forgetting. These tools gather different types of data that I use to evaluate code, content and backlinks.

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