Will the iPhone 5c support iOS 11?

However we have some facts we can use to make educated guesses:
  • The 5c is the last phone Apple used a 32bit CPU in. Getting rid of all 32bit phones would make life easier.
  • The 32bit iPads are also pretty old, if they are dropped chances are high the 5c will be as well
  • The 5c was last sold as new in September 2015, except in India where it continued until feb 2016
  • The 5c still runs iOS 10 decently Related:Group Buy SEO Tools
The biggest reason to continue supporting it is they sold it until early last year. Apple tends not to discontinue device support until they are two years old. Do they care about an India only SE date for that though? Maybe. Maybe more then continuing to deal with 32bit iOS support.
Ok, it runs iOS 10 decently, but how much extra work will be required to make sure it runs iOS 11 decently? It is possiable it all comes down to “how well does it run iOS 11 at the end of performance month?” Which in part depends on what is new in iOS 11, and how much time they need to spend completing those and debugging vs. doing performance work. Esp. Performance work that might only apply to a phone they haven't sold in almost two years…probably over two years by the time they actually release iOS 11 to the general public.
For all I know iOS 11 is “ios’s snow leopard” (or macOS 7.5 to the older crowd). A “mostly performance” release. And if it is, then chances go up that older hardware gets one more release cycle.
But still…
I would go with “iOS 11 for the 5c could happen, and I won't be shocked if it does, but I absolutely would not bet on it, because I have serious doubts that it will happen”

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