Get $50 discounts on official website now!

5.5" FHD display, 6+64GB large storage, 21MP+16MP HD cameras---#ElephoneP8 starts sales!
Get $50 discounts on official website now!
Four reasons for purchasing:
1. Helio P25 processor-- 2017 newly-launched 2.5GHz Octa-core processor, you will never forget her fast speed.
2. 6GB #DDR4 RAM+64GB ROM-- read/write speed is 30% faster than normal devices, while the large storage still can expand up to 256GB.
3. 21MP #Sony IMX 230 rear camera+16MP #Samsung 3P3 front camera with soft flash-- is comparable with the professional camera, and has soft flash.
4. 4K video--It is still clear even zooming dozens of times.
Participate the activity, you will have a chance to get a $50 discounts. Do not miss it!
Click here: http://www.elephone.hk/static/promotion_active_110


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