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Gihosoft Write for Us Project


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You will get one nofollow link from Author bio.

At Gihosoft, we follow a strict content guideline. Value, quality and uniqueness go a long way here. Make sure you get them right before you start writing your post.

Write for the readers. Readers look for information and value. Make sure you deliver that value through information.

Grammar and punctuation are quite important for each article you submit.

The minimum word-count for a post is 500 words. We don't mind if it's a lot more lengthier but every sentence should be valuable.

Include resource links whenever and wherever required absolutely. If relevant, include links to iGeeksblog's posts.

Include your "Author-bio" with every post that you send to us. No more than two links are allowed in your author-bio that will be published along with your post. If you "quote" a website or person, credit the source. This is a must.

Add one image to the post. This image must not be copyrighted material (or if it is, obtain reproduction rights) and mention the source from where you got the image. (check out Flickr's Advanced Image Search page to get Creative Commons licensed images. Mention the source so we can give due credit)

If it's a tutorial, include images for step-by-step guidance. Again, credit the source if you picked them from somewhere else.

Add a list of all the resource links you referred to write your guest post at the end of the post.

Proof-read your article thoroughly before you submit it to us. Check for broken links, grammar errors, typos and factual errors. Have a personal style of writing. Your post will be published in your name so form your own style of writing.

Don't copy content from anywhere. Plagiarism is a serious offense and if found, we'll have to take extreme measures. Any damage that might arise due to your copied content posted on our blog will be the responsibility of the guest blogger and in no case shall Gihosoft be held responsible for the same.

Don't have too many links in your post. A maximum of two is acceptable and if the links are absolutely necessary or relevant, we may consider an exception.

Don't make posts unnecessarily lengthy.

Don't write short posts. Anything below 500-words will be rejected without any discussion.

Don't write on topics that are vague, illegal, controversial or irrelevant to our readers.

Don't add affiliate links or material that is “promotional” or advertising in nature.

Don't write stuff that is defamatory.

Send us a mail on terry@jiho.com.

We will create account for you as a subscriber and you need to fill required details i.e. your author bio.

Once you done with that we shall change the status of your account from subscriber to contributor.

Once all these things are done, you are now ready to post. Go ahead and write your first guest post for the readers




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