New Update for the Wetek Core, version 1.2

New Update for the Wetek Core, version 1.2


Wetek launched now the new update for Wetek Core.

Originally posted by MasterChief117

We're proud to announce that we start seeding the OTA update of WeTek Core OS 1.2


* Fixed the issues with some HEVC videos that were causing pixellation.
* Add "Simulated Wi-Fi".
* Automatic refresh rate matching the FPS of the video that is being played.
* Removed “soft reboot” that was causing connectivity issues (like the old uboot with suspension).
* Updated the prebuilts.
* Cosmetic changes to the launcher plus the possibility of launching apps using the leanback intent by long pressing the app drawer.
* Enhancements to avoid some possible crash under certain circumstances.
* Various fixes in Android and Kernel.

On the update, i advise to disconnect the HDD's.

After installing, i always recommend a reboot on WeTek Core.

For those who want to make a fresh installation, you can find the build here:

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