Syllable D300 In-Ear Bluetooth Earphone Review

This pair of In-Ear Bluetooth phones is intended for on the go use such as Fitness, walking Biking and so on. They are specified as Sweat Resistant, although I did not try them as such. As always, Where IEPs are concerned, its all about best fit in the Ear as some of them tend to keep to falling off. This can be a pain when you are jogging or on an Elliptical. This unit does come with 2 additional Earplugs. Hopefully you will find right match. Such units are also typically targetted for lightweight on the go listening with fairly decent Sound Reproduction. How good it is at those 2 criteria is what makes or breaks a unit. This pair is available on Amazon for $20 in Pink, Yellow, Purple, Orange and Blue colors.


As you can see, The box is pretty much barebones. The light shade of Yellow isn't appealing and makes it look dusty. I might be picky here, but I like some bright colors that are appealing to the Eyes. As to the Contents, there's not much as you can see. There's the unit, manual in Chinese and English, Flat Cable for Charging and adjustable Ear plugs.There is also one small Note with Operating instructions. Those aren't much except to tell you how to redial last Call. (Tap MultiFunction Button 3 times) The IEP have a inline control pad with a Open Charging Port. It does not have a cover, so expect it to catch Dirt.

Given bellow are key Technical Specs. For a detailed list of specifications, please review manufacturer's website.

Bluetooth version - 4.1 (Profiles A2DP/AVRCP)

Range - 10m

Transmission power - Not Specified.

Impedance - 32 Ω

Battery Capacity - Not Specified

Standby time - Not Specified but from User Manual, 180 Hrs.

Music/ Audio Playback time - Not Specified but from User Manual, 4 to 5 Hrs.

Charge time - Not Specified but from User Manual, 2.5 Hrs.



As is the norm with IEPs, there is a control pad in line with the Wire. The Buttons are not separated and the raised Multifuction button is of little help to distinguish, since the others are raised a little bit too. Over Bluetooth, you have 2 main profiles. A2DP Audio Sink and AVRCP Audio/Video Remote Control Profile. This does eliminate the problem with Telephony Profile being Default and having poor Quality Audio.

The Play pause button on the central pad acts as a multifunction button and it also controls Power ON/OFF as well as Pairing Mode. This button also controls Windows Media Player, if that's what you are using on a PC. Especially with the AVRCP profile, same holds true with phones too. However it does not work if your phone has a lock screen password/pattern. With these IEP, I went specifically to check the distance. I was able to get clear connection upto 7 to 10 ft for music mode. I did pair the IEP with my Phone to make calls. However that range was upto 5 Ft. Over 5 ft I had Static and call started to fade in and out.

Now as far as Battery is concerned, there is no Battery capacity specified on the website. However from the User Manual, the Playback time is 4 to 5 Hours. My test showed that to be about par. The Charging time was also about par at 2 & 1/2 hours. As before, I used my previous selection of songs to test.


The vocals were reproduced about right. However, there appears to be an emphasis on upper frequencies at the cost of lower bands.

Eminem - Not Afraid

Eminem's Voice was reproduced pretty well, but the Rap was quiet a bit subdued.

Fallout boy - Thanks for the Memories

About same experience as before. Vocals are ok though.

Flo Rida - Right Round
Vocals seemed not quiet right. At least for me. They seemed bit subdued.
ColdPlay - Viva la vida

Similar experience as that of other songs. Trebal is significantly elevated.
If someone wants me to try out a specific song, feel free.

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