iPhone 7 to have a basic 32GB storage and 2GB RAM

We are at it again – some leaks and rumors surrounding the new Apple iPhone 7. Actually we have had so much of it so far, at times it looks a bit redundant. But still it’s always great to talk of a new rumor or leak. As we have seen images in the past about the forthcoming device, there’s something to talk about the storage as well.
The storage capacity of the new phone seems to be a hot topic these days. Last week, there was a rumor that the iPhone 7 will have 256GB storage option. Later, there was a 64GB box spotted.
So far, we have had 2GB RAM in the iPhone 6s as well as the iPhone SE. That would be okay with the new iPhone. However, the 16GB storage option should be reconsidered for a simple reason that for a device with 4K capture wouldn’t be sufficient for today’s flagship from Apple.
So, what would be the option? Going to 64GB? Well, could be. And as said above, talks are also doing the rounds that the topmost storage option for iPhone 7 will be 256GB for the Plus model.
And the best hope is that Apple will do away with 16GB at the least. Kevin Wang, who is theDirector of Market Research at IHS Technology said “supply chain research,” displays that there will be 32GB internal memory as well as 2GB of RAM as the base model.

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