JamesDonkey 007 USB Wired Gaming Mouse Review

Recently the JameDonkey team released its new JamesDonkey 007 DIY optical LED light USB gaming mouse. There are now 4 colors available on Amazon with $99.99. Is it really worth to buy?

Designed for any right-handed gamer, this type of gaming mouse mice has 54 unique configurations and 8 programmable buttons, 6 programmable user profiles, 10 customizing LED color options and Omron micro switches. Also, JamesDonkey provides 11 different removable pieces, not including the base mouse, which present 54 possible configurations.All the attachments stay on the mouse via magnets. Its core component includes clips on the left, right and back with two options for a bottom. That means, you can add, remove and reposition various buttons into 54 different possible configurations so the user can put each button where it suits him-her best.

When you play MMO games like World of Warcraft, you'll have a row of skills stretching across your entire monitor that you'll need to access right away. You can use the number keys on your keyboard, and it is not you but the mouse mice will adjust to your hands and give you a comfortable experience.

What’s more, it includes OMRON switches that have a lifespan of 20 million clicks and an AVAGO 9800 laser sensor with 8400 DPI and up to 30G of acceleration. There's also an LED bar on the top that visually indicates the current DPI setting and a mode light that shows which of the six modes is currently active.

Another benefit of JamesDonkey 007 is its unique design. With 10 different colors of LED and cool DPI LED indicator, different people with different characteristics and contents of their job can all find the most suitable add-ons of this mouse and recombination a mouse works best for him or her.

With this comfortable shape, textured grips and convenient layout, the JamesDonkey 007 are available on Amazon with $99.99. It has everything you could ask for, with excellent construction, several customizable features, and rock-solid performance.

Bring you DIY fun
Inspired by the enthusiasm of men toward machine and device, 007 Mouse provides 11 different removable pieces, which present 54 possible configurations. We can adapt these parts into any model style that fits you or likes.

Professional gaming mouse
If you are a Pro Gamer, this high performance mouse will fit your all-round gaming needs, 8 programmable buttons, 5 DPI sensitivity modes, multilevel adjustment from 600¡«8200 DPI, 6 different user-defined configuration stored settings can switch freely. High-end 6ft braided fiber cable with gold-plated USB connector for greatest durability and signal accuracy.

Perfect Your Grip
Ergonomically design. Different people with different characteristics and contents of their job can all find the most suitable add-ons of this mouse and recombination a mouse works best for him or her.

Stylish and unique appearance
Cool DPI LED indicator, 10 different colors of LED (Need Rear01). Even cooler is that it is a mouse with sound and vibration (Need Rear03).

Technical Specification:
Buttons: 7 buttons
Optical Engine: Avago 9800
Micro Switches: OMRON D2F-F-7N
DPI: 8200dpi (adjustable)
Polling Rate: 1000Hz (adjustable)
Maximum acceleration: 30G
Adjustable DPI Switch: 600/1000/2000/3600/8200
Switch Life: 20 million cycle
Wire Length: 1.8M
Size: 135*93*41.6mm (Max)
Weight: 100g¡«150g

The JamesDonkey driver for Windows can be downloaded here:

Color: BLACK/GREEN (Optional)

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