How can I speed my webpage loading time up?

How can I speed my webpage loading time up?
Do you think that Webpage loading time up doesn’t matter? Webpage loading actually matters and have a considerate effect on customer satisfaction and sales. There are many evident examples of sites like Amazon and Wal-Mart which got increase in revenue due to increase in their webpage loading time. Study by Akamai reveals that about half of the population who use Internet expect the page to load properly in just 2 seconds. Also if some webpage takes more than 3 seconds to load then about 2/5th of online shoppers will leave that page. Now you got to know that just lag of 1 second in webpage loading can impact your performance and can affect customer satisfaction. So we must look at some good ways to speed webpage loading time up.
The best solution is no doubt caching. Enabling browser caching will preferably impact the webpage loading time up. Whenever you visit any webpage the elements on that webpage get stored in your hard disk in cache. This is done so that whenever you visit the webpage, browser doesn’t have to send new HTTP request to server. So that whenever they will visit your webpage first time all basic components like HTML document, JavaScript files and others can be downloaded. This is done so that next time when you visit the same page again you have to load just few components. Caching actually increases webpage loading time up. Also whenever you are designing your website make sure that static resource should have week cache storage. If there are some third parties resources are on your webpage then they should have only one day of cache storage. JavaScript and CSS files and other media files should have a cache storage time of minimum 1 week to maximum 1 year. Don’t set the limit to more than 1 year as it will lead to RFC guidelines violations. Related:GroupBuy SEO Tools

For static resources and image caching you can use CDN. This will probably increase the image loading time up. There are many free CDN service providers like Cloud fare which will help you. The images which are oversized take longer time to load so we must focus on limiting the size of images. First you have to compress the image without affecting the quality. Then, you have to make your image size between 120kb- 150kb. You should crop the images to correct size and this you can do with the help of smushshit.com. It is really a good site which will help you in making the image size perfect.

One important thing you can do is to minify your code so as to minimize HTML, CSS and JavaScript. For minimizing HTML you can use Page Speed Chrome extension to generate optimized version of your HTML code and for CSS and JavaScript you can use some good compressors. You should always use efficient CSS selectors so that the time up can be increased. Last good point is to minimize the HTTPS request on webpage and if required then switch to HTTP.
So we have discussed some good ways to speed up your webpage loading time up. These ways will definitely guide you in increasing your revenue. All the best!!

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