Elephone P8 mini - the most affordable 4GB+64GB storage smartphone in history

Elephone P8 mini will be the most affordable 4GB+64GB storage smartphone in history.

Elephone P8 series phones is quite familar to you now. They are the first camera phones launched by Elephone. There are many differences between Elephone P8 and Elephone P8 mini in their configurations and apperances. It is also very noticeable that Elephone P8 mini will be in huge advance in terms of its price.

The back cover of Elephone P8 mini is made of metal. Elephone P8 mini feels wonderful in hand after its back cover being handled by the processes such as metal stamping, CNC metal polished cut edge, sand blasting, anode coating axidation coloring, etc. With the processing of CNC metal polised cut edge, the edges of the back cover and the fingerprint frame shine brightly under the sunlight. In the bottom of its back cover, the radium carving logo looks beautiful in texture. Beside its exquiste back cover, Elphone P8 mini is much more lighter in hand. The weight of Elephone P8 mini is only 130 grams.

Equipped with 5.0 inch Sharp original FHD display, Elephone P8 mini will attract you easily with its display's color saturation, color gamut and pixel density. In addition, Elephone P8 mini is equipped with 16MP front camera and 13MP rear camera, 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM.

Starting from $99.99, Elephone P8 mini will make its debut next week in Elephone's offical website. 
Pleas keep expecting.

Learn more about Elephone P8 mini: http://www.elephone.hk/

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