Parkman S1 Power Bank Review

Are you annoying about the power off of phones when you are traveling? Parkman S1 can solve this problem if you carry it. Provided on Amazon and once launched, it catches user’s eyes for its slims and elegant design.

Parkman S1 Power Bank Design

Using ABS+PC material, this type power bank is 5000 mAh energy packed into thickness profile and the Lithium polymer is very stable, what’s more, with premium microchips, it will ensures reliability, safety and get a up to 93% energy conversion rate. Usually, it can give 3x full charge to iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s, 2x full charge to iPhone 6 plus, almost 2x full charge to Galaxy S5 and 3x full charge to most other phones.

Parkman S1 Power Bank Function

Compare with 18650 battery cell, Li-Polymer cell has higher energy density and more stable. It ensures your safety and its practical and convenient looks could make you feel cool. You can feel easy to hold and put anywhere you want for it is really easy to carry.

There are now four different colors to choose from and two charging options, with the 2A giving a quick charge, not something all banks have. It has a cable for input/output but no Apple connectors but its simple to attach one of those and use if you have one. Also, it is very simple for you to charge, just connect up to PC via the cable ( no socket adapter) supplied or a charging socket. When connected, its blue lights will show charging capacity.

The best power bank Parkman S1 supports auto-on and -off functionality, although some support auto-on only and others neither. Auto-on allows them to begin charging your device as soon as you plug it in, and auto-off causes them to switch off when them to switch off when the job is done, meaning no power is unnecessarily wasted. Those that don't support this functionality will have a small power button on their casing somewhere, which is typically also used to light up the LED flashlight (if the power bank has one) or see how much capacity remains. More importantly, though, this power bank will keep any smartphone user going all day, all night and beyond.

Parkman S1 Power Bank Price

This 5000 mAh Portable travel charger is now provided on Amazon with $17.49, a price that not high,although we've seen power banks with nicer designs, few can match the features it offers at this price.

Parkman S1 5000mAh Power Bank is no doubt the best choice for quick charging and a good solution for travelers with multiple devices.

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