How do I prevent data recovery on an SD card, pen drive, and phone memory?

On these semiconductor storage devices the data is stored in the logic gates,  in the form of binary... that's all together a different mechanism...

Here, To answer your question,
Consider a memory location lest say "X" 
X = "your name"

From now on, where ever you want your name you can just use variable "X" (or memory location storing your name or DATA in case of storing on pen drive)

Then we change it as

X="my name"

You see, you can't access your name by referring to variable "X"

I bet you got what you have to do so that data is not recoverable... Just OVERWRITE it with something.

Generally when you delete something form these storage devices its just changes makes it disappear but actually nothing is overwritten.

To make the data non recoverable write something over those location, and good thing is that you don't have to do it manually. there are several FREE software's available which do it for you.... called   FILE shredding apps.

Just search the one suits your need...
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