3 Hidden Gestures and Shortcuts on the iPhone 2017

Change Your Scrubbing Speed for Music and Podcasts

When playing music or a podcast, you may want to “scrub” through the track at different speeds. To do this, touch your finger to the progress bar and move the finger up or down on the screen, away from the bar. Without lifting your finger, move your finger to the left or right to scroll back or forward through the file. Depending on how far your finger is from the progress bar, you’ll scrub through the file at either faster or slower speeds than you would if you were just touching the bar normally. You’ll have to try it yourself to get the hang of it, but it allows for much more precise control.
This works in the included Music and Podcast apps, and it works with any audio-playing app that appears in the Control Center. It may work in other apps with a playback control, too—it depends whether the app’s developer added this feature.

Use 3D Touch to Quickly Switch Between Apps

If you have an iPhone with pressure-sensitive 3D Touch, there’s a way to change apps and bring up the app switcher without double-pressing your Home button. Hard press the left edge of your iPhone’s screen and move your finger to the right side of the screen to swipe away the current app (or home screen) and go to the app you were previously using. You can repeat this process to go back through multiple apps.
You can also hard press the left side of the screen and move your finger to the center of the screen instead of the right edge. Lift your finger and you’ll see the app switcher, allowing you to scroll through the apps you’ve been using and tap any app to go to it.
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