10 Tips For Social Media Marketing Success

  1. Use images or video in all posts you share.

A picture speaks a thousand words, and social media users love visual content. Social media users follow 100’s of people. To grab their attention and stand out, you need to have images in every post. Posts with pictures or videos always have a much higher level of engagement than a simple text post.
Generally speaking, people like sharing content that has great pictures and will make their profile or wall look great. A post with a poor quality image will not get as many shares. Canva and Pablo are great free tools to create images for social media marketing.
  1. Focus on Original & Quality Content that has value. Not quantity.

First things first, do not be that person who posts 50 times a day. Posting too many times may give an impression to your followers that you are spamming and they might stop following you. If you are looking to cover worldwide audience, then you can spread your posts over the 24 hours period but keep them to a maximum of 8-10 posts a day.
Secondly, focus on creating original content that is of considerable value to your followers. They will appreciate one great post a day more than 50 irrelevant low-quality posts.
  1. Use Hashtags.

Hashtags are an excellent means to categorize your content and let people outside your network of followers view your content. Having a hashtag can increase reach & engagement, but if you use too many hashtags, it will confuse your audience and lower your engagement levels (expect on Instagram).
Here are the optimal number of hashtags you should use on the most popular social networks:
Twitter: 1-3 hashtags per post.
Facebook: 1-2 hashtags per post.
Google+: 1-3 hashtags per post.
Instagram: More than ten hashtags per image.
To find out the most popular hashtags related to your content, you can search for the term on Hashtagify.me and use them in your posts.
  1. Post consistently & at the right times.

If you take long breaks in between posts, your engagement levels and reach will drop. Don’t let the interest of your audience die a slow death. Posting fresh content consistently will keep your audience engaged. If you have to go on a holiday or you cannot posts due to some reason, you can always schedule your posts using several free tools available online.
One of the best tools for scheduling posts is Buffer. You can add one social profile per platform and schedule up to 10 posts per social network for free.
Posting at the right time is also crucial. If you post something at a time when your audience is not online, the engagement levels will be low. We continuously look at studies published online for the ‘right times’ to post on social sites. After averaging out the timings concluded from those studies, these are the best days & times to post on social networks currently:
Best days: Thursday & Friday.
Best time: 1-3 PM or 7-8 PM
Best days: Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.
Best time: 12-1 PM or 5-6 PM
Best days: Weekdays. Wednesday is the best.
Best time: 9 AM-1 PM
Best days: Weekdays. Mondays & Fridays are the best.
Best time: 12-3 PM or 7-8 PM
  1. Limit focus to 3 Social media networks.

You don’t have to be on every social media site. Being everywhere is going to overwhelm you and your efforts. You certainly don’t want to spend your entire day engaging with followers on social networks.
Limit social media exposure to 2-3 most popular social sites for your niche and focus on getting the most out of them. It will save you time and effort, and it will be more manageable.
  1. Social Media users love Infographics.

Infographics are images that carry information in an easy to understand format. You can quickly explain an entire article in a picture using an infographic. They grab the attention of readers and help you increase brand awareness and get traffic.
Infographics are liked and shared 3x times more than normal images or videos according to mass planner. So, if you have a composite article, it is a good idea to create an infographic for it.
  1. Be genuine, be personal & listen to your audiences.

Most people just post content on social sites and don’t get into any conversation with their followers. Social Media is about three things: Content, Relationships, and Conversations. Talk about yourself, but also talk about what matters to your followers and listen to them.
Here’s one of the best social media marketing tips for you:
“Convert your followers to friends.”
  1. Answer questions, ask questions, comment, like, share and re-tweet.

Social media marketing is all about getting people involved and engaging with them. People want to be heard. When you ask them questions, you fulfill that urge to be heard. You also learn a lot about them and their preferences, likes, dislikes, and feedback about your content/products.
By answering their questions, you help them. By genuinely commenting on their content, you break the ice and start a conversation. When you like, share or re-tweet their content, you increase the chances of them reciprocating the same.
  1. Don’t send auto-DMs to all new followers.

If you think you are marketing your website or social accounts using an auto DM, you are doing it wrong. It’s spam and an undesired annoying message sent to someone who just followed you.
Social media marketing in 2017 is about positive interactions and connections. If you focus on engaging and interacting with your followers genuinely, you will get better results, and you will annoy fewer people.
  1. Use the 100 Top Engagers strategy.

The top 100 engagers strategy is simple and works best with Twitter & Google Plus. All you have to do is find at least 100 people who are interested in your niche and who will regularly share or like your content. If 100 engagers sound too many to you, you can implement this strategy with 50 engagers.

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