Should Be Using YouTube Videos

Should Be Using YouTube Videos

1. Large Viewer Base and Platform

Although YouTube is not the only platform for video marketing, the YouTube platform seems to be the most sought-after platform worldwide.
Billions of viewers (over 1.3 billion) use it each and every day. Thus YouTube is one of your strongest bets for launching your video ad campaign.

2. Staying Power

YouTube offers one of the largest amounts of staying power in terms of how long visitors remain on the YouTube platform.
Even when using mobile devices, a typical viewing session could last for over 40 minutes. That’s great when you’re trying to capture your audience’s attention and engage users for long periods of time.

3. Low Bounce Rate

Another great aspect of using the YouTube platform to launch your videos is that it has a very low bounce rate.
This means that once users have clicked through to your landing page or website, they become engaged. They spend a much longer time on your website after they have arrived due to your YouTube ad.

4. High Mobile Web Traffic

YouTube generates the largest amount of mobile web traffic on the web. In fact, YouTube and Facebook alone account for at least one-third of all mobile web traffic worldwide.
YouTube is leading the pack against leaders such as Facebook, Netflix, and Instagram. So many people are now turning to their mobile devices for their web experience.
That’s all the more reason to make YouTube videos part of your overall content development and advertising strategy.

5. Competitive Advantage

Another great quality of using YouTube videos is that doing so provides you with something of a competitive advantage. Within your industry, you gain an edge over those who don’t take the time to create YouTube videos.

6. Surpassing Mainstream TV

Surprisingly enough, YouTube videos have actually surpassed mainstream TV in terms of popularity. That’s because viewers are seeking entertainment as well as answers to questions they have.

7. CTA

As with other advertising tactics, you can also provide a call to action in your YouTube video. This CTA is a great lead-in to your landing page, website, or blog.

Greatest Take Away

One of your greatest takeaways should be that a YouTube marketing strategy will drive more sales because more people will turn to you for a variety of reasons.
YouTube a great and economical way to build your brand. But it also puts you in a position to become the expert in your industry. After all, you are providing your audience members with engaging and compelling information that they actually need.

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