How to Qualify Expired Domains ?

How to Qualify Expired Domains

I briefly showed some qualification standards in the videos above, but I’ll get a little deeper here.
So, at the top of the qualification process, you want to examine the following:

What is the Domain’s History?

Go to Archive.org and examine the previous use of the domain. The ideal situation is that the domain’s previous use was the original.
For example, if they were a web design company, then the last version of the website should be a web design company.
On the opposite side of the spectrum, you want to watch for domains that have been repurposed or used as a blog network. Some signs of a repurposed domain is when the topic isn’t relevant to the original or there is now a foreign language being used on the domain.
Most blog networks are easy to identify because the website will look generic, the outbound links will be irrelevant, and each piece of content will be on a different topic. What I just described is more likely for a public blog network.
Well developed private blog networks can be harder to identify. Especially if they exported the previous website from Archive.org.
In this case, just look for irregularities in domain ownership or overall changes within Archive.org.
One thing I mentioned in the videos above is that you shouldn’t immediately disregard a domain just because it was used as part of a blog network.
Why? Because you can still use the White Hat Alternative to PBNs!
Although the domain itself might be considered “toxic” because of its previous use, that doesn’t mean that backlinks going to that domain are toxic. That means you can extract the links away from that toxic domain. The best part is that you can leverage the fact that the domain is now a part (or was) a part of a blog network in your outreach.

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