How to Get Reviews for Your Business ?

How to Get Reviews for Your Business

Organic/Natural Reviews

If you provide a quality service and good experience to your customers (or even a negative experience) some of them are naturally going to want to leave a review for you. Natural reviews are the ideal type of review for you and your business. This is an indication that you’re doing something right (or wrong) and it’s prompting people to comment on their experience with you.

Asking for Reviews

It’s okay to ask your customers for reviews. Many people don’t go out of their way to leave business reviews but you might be surprised at how many of them will leave a review for you if you ask them to. I’ve personally had a lot of success with this by sending requests to my customers via email. If you feel like your customer had a good experience with you, it would be a good idea to ask them to write a review and post it online. Make it easy on them and provide them a link to one or two of your preferred sites for receiving reviews. The easier it is, the more likely they will do it.

Review Services/Apps

There are services available that help to automate the process of receiving positive reviews by sending your customers an initial request asking them about their experience. If the experience was negative the customer will see a form they can fill out that sends the feedback to you to let you know how you can improve. If the experience was positive they will be prompted to leave a review on Google, Facebook or other. This type of customer engagement can be very useful for discovering what you are doing well and ways you can improve.

What NOT To Do

Do not solicit reviews and do not incentivize.
A few years back, Google cracked down on fake reviews. Soliciting reviews is a “suspect behaviour” according to Google, also it’s not good for potential customers to be presented with a positive view of your business only to potentially discover that maybe your quality of service doesn’t match what they read about you. It’s also potentially illegal in your state to incentivize or solicit reviews (i.e. paying or rewarding people to leave positive reviews). There are plenty of ways to get reviews for your business without resorting to these black hat tactics.

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