3 THINGS i learn about Digital Marketing Industry

After 5 years in the Digital Marketing industry, I’ve learned few things.
1. Clear Goals :
Keywords, If you want to track your keyword positions make sure that:
You have a good keyword tracker (I recommend SEMRush or Ahrefs).
You know your initial state (where you are now).
You know where you want to be.
You know how much time you have to achieve that.
Your know how much traffic you want to achieve.
You know how much time you have for that.
Often I compare traffic year to year.
“To achieve 20 percent growth of organic traffic until March 2017 comparing to March 2016.”
Follow numbers rather than feeling.
2. Tools :
Another thing is to avoid distraction.
You really don’t need gazillion of tools to be successful with your SEO strategy. Choose one or two.
3. Competition :
Make sure you observe what your competitors are doing.
What are keywords they are ranking on (and I am not)?
What websites they have backlinks from (and I do not)?
This is the way to understand where the whole industry is pivoting. Once you have this you can try to create content around new keywords or keywords clusters, or try to gather extra links from websites that previously were not linking to you.
Like if you learn something from the post and also share what you learn from your experience.

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