iOS 10.3 released : here's what's changed!

iOS 10.3 released : here's what's changed!
Apple has launched the latest update dubbed iOS 10.3 for almost all of it's current devices. The update brings in a lot of significant changes and is Almost identical to the beta update which apple
had released earlier.
As seen on the screenshot which is taken on an iPad Air 2, the update is pretty decent in size, weighing in at around 600 Mb, and is more or less focusing on the airpod support as well as allowing users to do more with Siri.
While there are not much of UI changes, but a lot has changed with this update, the storage optimisation being, by far, my personal favourite ( got a lot of memory released after the update, check your device memory after updating and see whether there's any memory release )
This one's for you, cricket fans...
One interesting feature that apple has integrated with Siri, which apple has integrated with this update, is the ability of siri to tell live scores from the Indian Premier league which is just round the
corner, which would for sure please a lot of cricket fans, and apple has intelligently released this update before the very start of a long cricket season, well done Apple!
If you have a look at the screenshot to the left, Siri has improved a lot, along with the above mentioned cricket support, users can schedule ride booking apps like uber and ola, support for payment has also been integrated, though it is yet to be seen as how well and integrated that support would be.
And if you are among the Richies, you could check your car fuel level, your lock status, and you could also blow your horn using your apple device, cool ain't it?
Cross Apple support
Renting a movie on your iPhone and then being able to watch it on your iPad is never a bad sight, is it?
With the new update, Apple has tried to make the devices inter connect on a more intimate level, with device sync and payment improvements, you won't have to carry all your devices wherever you
There are several other changes which you can see in the image
So this is the news so far, ill be making the full review of the latest update as soon as i install it.
Have you got your update? How well is it performing so far? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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