Elephone S7 customer review

Elephone S7. After using it for a period of time, I have come across these various issues. The following are the issues that I faced while using Elephone S7.

1) Call volume too low, needs to be increased

The call volume of the Elephone S7 needs to be increased. Without earpiece, the volume of the call is too low, causing great difficulty in hearing. Even with the earpiece, the volume is minimum.

2) Elephone S7 should enable wallpaper scrolling

By enabling wallpaper scrolling on Elephone S7, wallpaper customization is made much easier and landscape photos can be easily used as wallpapers.

3) Unable to customise song details in default music app

After downloading music into the default music app, there is no option to change the song title or to add an album art. This greatly hampers the overall level of customization and affects user experience of the Elephone S7.

4) Elephone Service for users to provide Feedback keeps crashing

Elephone Service is a good platform for users to provide feedback, but it keeps crashing, preventing users from providing feedback. For more efficient feedback, the Elephone Feedback Service should be stabilised and optimised, allowing users to provide feedback and improve Elephone together.

Hopefully, these issues can be resolved with a software update. I am keen on the improvement of the Elephone S7.

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