How can I block websites on my Android phone?

How can I block websites on my Android phone?

  1. First of all, you should download ES File Explorer from Google App Store. Conversely, install the application and kick start the web filtering process!
  2. Open ES File Explorer and click on the “/” button. Conversely, you should select “System” and then “etc”.
  3. Now, tap the “hosts” file, click on 3 vertical dots on bottom of screen,  choose Open as –> Text –> ES Note Editor –> Edit.
  4. In the ES Note Editor, you must redirect the DNS. To accomplish this, you must type a new line: “ www.<blockedwebsite>.com” (of course, you should not type the quotes and <blockedwebsite> represents the site that has to be blocked). For example, if you want to block www.abc.com, you must type www.abc.com. This will block the web page and redirect you to, when someone searches for www.abc.com in your cell phone.
  5. To activate the changed settings, you must reboot your Android device. This will restart you phone with the altered settings and make sure no one can access inappropriate websites in your phone.

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