Ulefone Vienna Vs. UMI Super Photography Comparison

Our HiFi device Ulefone Vienna has brought quite good photography experiences according to users and reviewers. Since UMI’s flagship UMI Super,  priced about USD50 higher, has packed the same 13MP CMOS Panasonic MN34172, we wonder if they have done better optimization that we can learn from. After using it, we find their exposure control is actually a little better than ours while they may also learn from us how to deliver the right color.  Well, we’ll keep releasing updates to improve the camera.
Please have a look at the comparison video and sample photos.
Obeject 1: Short Tree
A. By Canon 6D DSLR:
B. By Ulefone Vienna:
C. By UMI Super

Obeject 2: Flower
A. By Canon 6D DSLR:
B. By Ulefone Vienna:
C. By UMI Super:

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