Uhans has renamed its new device to Uhans Balance

Uhans has renamed its new device Uhans S2 as Uhans Balance. How so? As the name suggests, the new arrival is to reach a balance between design, overall performance, battery endurance, operational smoothness and price.

Uhans Balance is an outlier that deviates from Uhans product lineups, namely U series, H series, A series, N series or S series, each coming with diverse specs, features, designs and price.

U for Unique. U series will stick to high-end specs and stunning nobility, highlighting your unique tastes that haven’t been met in the market.
H for Huge. H series features massive battery capacity, providing remarkably longer standby time than usual.
A for Affordable. A series will be budget-friendly devices packed with decent specs.
N for New. Keeping pace with the latest technology, UHANS aims to make this N series flagship smartphones.
S for Stylish. Stay fashionable, young and stylish, UHANS S series do not just fit your eyes.

It is kind of a hybrid of both A and S series. Well let’s see how balanced the device is?

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