New research shows that tablets are no longer "cool" among young people. Which devices have gained at the expense of lowering the interest of the above. by teenagers?
IBTimes reports about the published report by GlobalWebIndex, which presents the latest trends and the popularity of mobile equipment. The results clearly show that for the first time in the history of decrease in the number of people using the tablet compared to the results obtained in the same time so much that in 2015. Moreover, people between 16 and 24 years virtually abandoned this type of equipment, and focused exclusively on the use of smartphones.
fot. GlobalWebIndex
Tablets gained its popularity since 2010, which debuted the first generation iPad. In the meantime, strengthened its position in the market, but their potential is likely to come to an end. The first references related to the topic disappearing boom tablets were promulgated by analysts a year ago. Currently, Tablet PC went odstawkÄ™ and interested buyers have moved more towards hybrids. GlobalWebIndex report states that young people completely lost their interest to the tablet. Most of their activities on the network is performed using a smartphone, which utilize even while watching television (more than half of consumers admit to such behavior).
The use of tablets in the age group 16-24 / photo. IBTimes
Studies also show that tablets are useful only in the case of two activities ie. Viewing video clips or movies or games. Any other activity can be performed using a more handy device, which is the mobile phone. For the study group ranging in age from 16 to 24 years is just the smartphone is the most personal device, with the average during each day they spend on online activity until three hours. At the time, they are viewing social channels or searching for information. It seems that this trend will continue throughout the coming months. It is unlikely that a situation in which in the coming years, tablets will once again celebrate the triumph. Position handy smartphones, which have the same functions as the tablets will therefore remain unthreatened. Source: IBTimes ,GlobalWebIndex

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