Sundar Pichai explained how Google Home is better than Amazon Echo and what they expect

We didn’t receive best insights of Google Home during the recently held I/O conference but Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai is providing us a deeper understanding of the device. Not only this, Pichai during the code conference explained a few more things that we should expect from their voice assistant Home.
Sundar Pichai shared what they expect from Home in the long run and how it is different from Amazon Echo that is mastering from the last couple of years.
Pichai shared some of the features of the Home which are currently and also some of them are yet to be evolved. He further said that with the use of personal assistant Home, a user can generate a seamless conversation and the experience will be like talking to another person in real time. You will be able to put conversations in a more natural way. This way a user will not able to detect whether it is talking to a machine or any person.
Interestingly, Google will throw such interactive capability before the release of the product and what we assume is that the things are on the verge of their completion. Google also explained that it will push some privacy controls inside their Home voice assistant so that the users can wipe the questions he asked with it.
The plans look promising and we are curious in knowing more from Google in coming days.

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