India becomes the World's 2nd largest internet user, thrashes the US

According to the latest report presented at the Code conference, India now secures the second position in the league of World’s largest internet users. This, India thrashes the US to become the World’s 2nd largest Internet user. However, China still tops the list being the largest internet user.
According to Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends report, around 3 billion people are connected to the Internet all over the world and India has 227 million connected users contributing to 2 percent of the World’s usage. This is the reason why more and more tech companies want to get connected to India. The best example is many Chinese companies have already invaded India with their new smartphones or technologies.
Furthermore, making the top spot represents a 40% jump in the amount of connected users in India from the previous year’s report, while the rest of the world combined only managed to grow 7 percent. The report also conveyed that the first time internet users access the same via the smartphones. So, this concludes that now WhatsApp or other apps or services will go further reaching the highest amount of subscribers.
India to become the second largest Internet user was obvious as the affordable Chinese handsets and several operators’ internet scheme serve the best purpose to the people here. This has connected more number of users to access the internet.

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