Dronebox, autonomous drones garage

Dronebox is a box created by the guys Dinamics H3, to save and drop drones effectively at the stipulated time.

In turn, it is able to charge their batteries (drone) wirelessly and can do so in two different ways, using the energy stored in the solar panels that has this box or using auxiliary batteries located within a module, named Remobox , which reports remotely loads state thereof.

Dronebox also been equipped with sensors capable of detecting the state of the weather, and thus decide independently whether the drone that is inside or not can go abroad to carry out its mission.

These boxes are connected to the network, so that once the drone is deposited inside, you can save all the information gathered during their flights on their respective servers.

With this invention, the drones are protected, not only weather situations, but also and more safely, friends gossiping.

At the moment there is no information about Dronebox in terms of price and availability, we only know, according to its creators, which will be released in about six months.

Source: Slashgear

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