iOS 12 Brings Live Listen feature to AirPods that serves as a hearing aid

Apple will bring Live Listen hearing aids feature to the AirPods wireless headphones via iOS 12, making it easier for deaf users to use the iPhone as a directional microphone and have AirPods to relay audio. (Via TechCrunch)

Back in 2014, Apple introduced the Live Listen feature, designed to pair iPhones with hearing aids, and then enabling the iPhone as a remote microphone and then transfer audio to hearing aids.

How does it work?

For example, with the feature, users can place the iPhone on a table in a noisy environment such as a restaurant. Then, the iPhone can transmit the voice of the opposite person to the user’s ears with AirPods, which it becomes a Hearing aide.

Although AirPods with Live Listen cannot replace traditional hearing aids, it should be a big help, especially in an emergency circumstance.

Image Via The Mac Observer
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Live Listen Feature can be accessed through Control Center. So first let’s add this feature in to Control Center:
  • Settings
  • Control Center
  • Customize Controls
  • Tap (+) on Hearing
  • Now Access Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and you will see an icon with an Ear
How to Use Live Listen Feature in iOS 12
  • Pair and put on your Airpods in to your Ear
  • Access Control Center
  • Tap the Hearing Sign
  • Tap On & Done
  • You will eventually start hearing sounds that’s happening around you
How to Turn Off or Disable Live Listen Feature in iOS 12
  • Access Control Center
  • Tap the Hearing Sign again
  • Tap Off & Done
For more controls, you can assign Accessibility Shortcut which will then allow you to access Live Listen by triple pressing the Home Button. Here is how to Enable:

Remember, the sound you hear on Airpod is forwarded from the iPhones mic. Therefore, the more you place your iPhone near to the object where the sound is coming from, the louder and clearer you hear on Airpods.

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