How to make your own iPhone case ?

How to make your own iPhone case

Surely your mobile phone, whether iPhone or any other model, carries a case. The covers are quite common and really protect our terminal, but we always have to opt for some already made by a company and some are really expensive. Luckily for our most nonconformist readers, there is a way to create covers for mobile phones . Of course, you will need a 3D pen, so if you bought one and you do not know what to do with it, this will serve you.

Create your case with a 3D pen

To begin with the creation of our new case, we need to draw the silhouette of the phone on a flat surface , of course we can use a sheet of paper. To clarify: drawing the silhouette by eye is not precise, ideally place the phone on the sheet and trace the outline with a pen or pen.
Now we must take our 3D pencil and start making our design on top of the silhouette of the phone , the paper, not the iPhone! To make our design we can be as original as we want, as long as we have enough colors to use.
With tape (American, paper, insulation ...), we wrap our iPhone partially to protect it, since now we will draw the contours directly on it. We can move a little from the edge and make it over the screen so that the case will hold tight once it is finished. Eye, it is better not to have the plastic on the screen, then the case may not fit.
Once everything has dried, we take out what we have done on the edge of the iPhone and the piece drawn above the silhouette of the terminal. Put one on top of the other and stick them with the same 3D pen .
Once everything is dry, you're done! Your new case will be ready. Perhaps the first does not come out as you expected, however, this will open a new world , more if you like to draw.Must Read:iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery–Recover Deleted Data from Your iPhone/iTunes/iCloud Easily! https://www.imyfone.com/iphone-data-recovery/
From now on, your phone will be totally unique. Never again will you find someone with a sheath equal to or similar to yours . And if you did not like the result, you can always try again. The key to all success is to persist, so keep practicing and never give up.
Source | mashable.com

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