This feature of iPhone 8 will change the industry

As we all know as the dependency on our mobile is increasing with every passing day, from our personal or professional information all most everything is getting accommodation on our mobile device. In all this scenario security is the greatest concern of most of us.

To cater this issue, we have various security applications and technology like the fingerprint scanner and newly launched Iris scanner are available in the market, but, the facial recognition technology used in latest models of iPhone would make something very enormous.

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The main intention behind using this technology in iPhones is to make the space available for a larger screen. Apple first decided to change the location of fingerprint sensor from the home button. But later thought it could not be a good option as it will give verification error. Apple says, “Fingerprint verification would not be a good option as there are many people whose fingerprints might change while working with cleaning products or someone who take drugs.

On the other hand, facial recognition technology will also create problems when an individual applies cosmetics on their face or when there is no sufficient light. Hence, Apple has come up with the solution by combining both iris scans and the facial recognition technology. This combined technology could surely give better results as compared to the fingerprint recognition.

Apple will not make the changes for its users alone. It will also try to persuade other organizations, banks, dealers to use their application. Many online transactions need to authenticate the data. Hence, this technology will find a way for many online transaction systems. iPhone with this trending technology will hit the market most probably this year.

According to an Apple tracker Neil Cybart, “The technology is not just going to make the life of the customers easier, but the authentication process will also be very user-friendly. And of course, it is going to improve the security to the higher extent.” Apple will go with the facial recognition technology with its latest iPhones and in case the technology fails it will come back to traditional pin digit approach.

Screen size

It is anticipated that the next iPhone will have an edge-to-edge screen with curved edges. Apple will reduce the size of the bezels around the screen to allow for a bigger screen. In other words, Apple will be able to fit an iPhone 7 Plus-sized screen on an iPhone 7-sized body. Furthermore, it is believed that Apple will deviate from the use of its traditional LCD screens and install the latest OLED technology on its new smartphone.

iPhone 8 camera

Leaked photos of potential iPhone 8 developmental units show that Apple is changing the design of the back of the iPhone. Allegedly the iPhone 7 Plus the dual-lens design is back; however, the camera lenses are installed vertically instead of horizontally.

Augmented reality

There are reports that Apple is considering adding augmented reality functionality as part of the new iPhone’s default offering. This rumor is believed to have some substance because the Apple CEO has made it known that he is enamored with the technology that makes augmented reality possible.

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