iOS 11 beta 5 estimated release date

Since we were right about the release of the iOS developer beta 4 on the 24th of July we decided to speculate on the release of the iOS 11 beta 5. Read:http://www.appleigeek.com/imyfone-umate-pro-effacer-toute-securite-vos-donnees-personnelles-de-appareil-ios/ iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery Get Back Lost Files on iPhone:https://goo.gl/4dkB2w
Apple releases a series of improved betas leading up to a major iOS 11 update. Most of the updates will just fix a few bugs found in the previous beta – these may be detailed in the release notes – but some will add new features that hadn’t been available before. Apple will continue to release betas after iOS 11 launches, too. There will be a beta of iOS 11.1, for example, before it’s made available to everyone, not just developers. Must Read:How to clear cookies on iPhone ?
At the time of writing the latest version is iOS 11 developer beta 4. Here is a summary of the changes and features added in the iOS 11 beta 4: Must Read:How to find kik chat rooms?
  • New splash screen for Notes App
  • Modified Notes App icon
  • New splash screen for Photos App
  • Updated Reminders App icon
  • New Contacts App icon
  • Slightly modified Safari logo
  • Bolder Wi-Fi status bar icon
  • Icons for WebApp Store, and Maps search options in Spotlight
  • Updated Timer icon in Control Center
  • New Screen Recording count down animation in Control Center
  • Screen Recording now says “Start Recording” instead of Broadcasting
  • New Low Power Mode icon animation in Control Center
  • New mute icon animation on iPad Control Center
  • Relocated AirDrop preferences panel
  • Settings → General → About → Capacity now shows capacity on marketing materials
  • Pull-to-refresh in App Store Updates tab
  • Swipe gestures on Lock screen Notifications (View/Clear/Open)
  • Open apps from Lock screen Notifications with new Touch ID UI
  • App Switcher auto-closes when all apps cleared
  • App Switcher won’t launch when all apps closed
  • iCloud Message sync settings now in iCloud preferences

iOS 11 beta 4 has just been released and it’s currently available to registered developers for now. Apple typically holds new public beta versions for a few days for major updates. If you don’t have a developer account but still want to try the iOS 11 developer beta, check out this article on how to install iOS 11 beta without a developer account that we wrote previously.

So what’s the iOS 11 beta 5 estimated release date?

Apple beta releases typically follow a two-week schedule. Since the iOS 11 beta 3 release came on July 10th and the beta 4 on July 24th, the iOS beta 5 should arrive on 7th of August, give or take a few days.

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