HOBBYWOW JY018 ELFIE Foldable Selfie Pocket Drone Review

HOBBYWOW JY018 ELFIE Foldable Selfie Pocket Drone Review

The JY018 ELFIE Foldable Pocket Drone's design is clean, sleek, and modern. The color schemes available offer a high contrast in colors, allowing to easily distinguish front from back. This creates a user friendly experience that guide the pilot to the drone's orientation. On the outside the quadcopter has a simple interface that is beginner friendly and unique. It's legs compact together making this drone a goto for flying-on-the-go, wherever you go! - Whether it be indoors or outdoors!  
Small enough to fit in your pocket the JY018 ELFIE Foldable Pocket Drone stands up to its name, since it is about the size of an everyday smart phone. When it comes to the design of the H37 JY018 ELFIE, it is definitely one of the nicer looking ones I have seen when it comes down to Pocket Drones. 

The H37 features a headless mode that keeps the drone in the correct orientation, guiding the pilot all the way through. I found this to work very nicely within the quadcopter. However, due to the bright design of the pocket drone, even flying the quad manually, is just as doable, even from several feet away. 
JY018 's "Real-Time" wifi functionality worked quite well throughout the majority of my flight. I had a few connectivity issues while venturing off a little too far, but the drone eventually "reconnected" and I was right back to my smooth flight.  
Measuring at around 480p, the H37 JY018 ELFIE is not meant to replace your Phantom 4, but I'm fairly impressed on how some of the shots came out. Granted they were not the best pictures, but enough can be seen in the photos that it is not a complete waste. With a solid connection the video comes out alright too, but at around the time my connection started acting up, the stream comes out a bit choppy. Nevertheless, pretty decent for what I expected.
The G-sensor is one feature I found a few users having issues with and as a result they switched to different apps to control the drone. 
However, I found that simply disabling portrait-orientation lock on your phone quickly eliminates any problems. The -sensor works quite well and the drone is easily able to to follow your device, even though they do not specifically advertise it as having the "follow me" feature that some other drones have. 
The JY018 ELFIE made for an easy flight experience and was even able to handle flips and turns. One of my favorite features of the H37 is its ability to return back to the controller and land on your own hand. After that, it's just one click away from instantly stopping the blades using the stop button.
Overall I give the JY018 ELFIE a good rating on its features and design, due to the fact that you can literally keep it and take it anywhere in your pocket it is especially well enough for most beginners who'd like to buy a Selfie Pocket Drone. 

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