DELUCKS SEO Plugin vs. Yoast SEO

One thing everyone in this SEO game unanimously agrees on is that SEO is quite tricky, now throw in the continual updates and changes by the Search Engines, and you have on your hands an ever-evolving chaotic ecosystem to grapple with.
Hence any new tool or plugin that promises to make our work easier is first scrutinized; in this case, I’d be comparing DELUCKS SEO plugin for WordPress with another popular SEO plugin; so here we go:
YOAST (Free/Paid)
The Yoast SEO plugin is undoubtedly one of the most downloaded tools for SEO with over 4.5 million downloads, an average of 4.7 ratings, and thousands of reviews. Let’s take a look at some of the key features that make this plugin tick:
YOAST key Features
Metadata: The plugin is restricted to one definable language both for the free and paid versions. Optimize one keyword using the free version while the premium account allows you to optimize contents with up to five keywords. You can snippet preview for Google and also edit your categories metadata and taxonomies.
Sitemaps: The Plugin generates a standard sitemap for your site.
Content Analysis (Textoptinierung): Check Duplicate contents, ease of reading, link recommendations, and track keyword density for your articles.
Breadcrumbs: integrates breadcrumb feature for ease of navigation.
Social Sharing: this feature is only available for the premium account; you get to preview snippets on Facebook and Twitter. Integrate Open Graph on Facebook and Twitter Cards.
Special Features: The Yoast Plugin supports the Google AMP while the Google Search Console API integration is only available for the paid version.
Compatibility: The plugin is Multisite compatible; unfortunately, it doesn’t support WooCommerce.
DELUCKS SEO Plugin (Free/ Paid)
The DELUCKS SEO Plugin is one robust SEO plugin that promises to ease the task of optimizing your website for the Search engines. Packed full of amazing features that enable you efficiently perform both on-page and technical SEO tasks and is unbelievably quick to install.
DELUCKS SEO Plugin Features
Metadata: Compatible with rules for every language definable. The plugin enables you to optimize your contents with any number of keywords without restrictions. Integrates Google Suggest for the best keywords and you can edit the Metadata for categories and taxonomies.
Sitemap: A multiple sitemap features that allow you create standard sitemaps, Image sitemaps, and video sitemap for your website. And the super exciting part of it is; you can get the search engines to crawl your site right from the WP dashboard.
Content Analysis: This feature is only available in the premium account; you’d get WDF*IDF analysis, responsiveness and personalization content shortcodes, conversion of pages to RSS.
Breadcrumbs: easily integrates breadcrumb features, ratings, videos, LocalBusiness and so many other useful widgets on your website.
Social Sharing: The social sharing buttons make it easy for people to share your contents, thereby building your social proof. Integrate it with Open graph metadata for Facebook and with Twitter Cards to track traffics from your social media accounts.
Special Features: Some of the additional features you get include comment system with an extendable rating and structured data, Google Analytics integration and support which include Performance optimization in addition to internal statistics.
Compatibility: The DELUCKS SEO plugin is compatible with multiple sites and also supports WooCommerce.
Looking at the functionality for both the YOAST and DELUCKS SEO plugins one can see that the DELUCKS stands shoulders above YOAST.

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