12 E-Commerce Marketing Tools to Get More Sales in Less Time

12 E-Commerce Marketing Tools to Get More Sales in Less Time
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Now, e-commerce marketing is all about keeping your brand visible to users during their micro-moments. First, people learn about your products. Then they compare your products with those of your competitors (here the unique selling point, or USP, comes into play).
After that, users make the decision to buy. If you are able to reach visitors during their micro-moments, then you have a much better chance of achieving conversions.
Moreover, marketing automation has provided new ways for businesses to provide value to customers without compromising on their profits.
Here are 12 epic e-commerce marketing tools that let you do more in less time, thereby having a tremendous positive impact on your sales.

1. GetResponse – For Marketing Automation

GetResponse assists your marketing strategy with its WorkFlow Planner, which triggers actions based on conditions.
For example, GetResponse can automatically send an email to the person who just abandoned the cart on your website. OR it can send an email to the person who returned from the payment gateway page.
Here are some great features offered by GetResponse:
  • You have the power to design the entire user experience with simple workflows.
  • It lets you track and address cart abandoners, website visitors, and successful purchases.
  • You can create conditions based on if-then logic. Automatic events are created based on user behaviors.
  • GetResponse allows you to get a real-time view of the subscriber journey.
  • You can add filters to apply sharp targeting to your actions.
  • The software lets you create a conversion path that’s educational, enjoyable, and compelling.

2. Reactful – For Real-Time Visitor Experience Optimization

Reactful is a great product that lets you reach specific goals on your website. Whether you need user engagement, video views, file downloads, or to trigger custom events based on user actions, Reactful is the perfect software for all your needs.
Here are some advantages offered by Reactful:
  • It offers easy integration with your favorite marketing tools.
  • The software has powerful UX controls to ensure a positive user experience.
  • It is secure, fast, and does not slow down your site like other tools do.
  • It offers a point and click editor to take action on data.
Here are some example actions that Reactful can do for you:
Problem: Visitors stop reading the page after they have viewed 34% of it.
Solution: You can react by providing an arrow pointing to the bottom of the page at the moment they stop reading.
Problem: Idle visitors are abandoning your site.
Solution: React by adding a lightbox with a call-to-action.

3. Banana Splash – For Mobile Web Conversions

Banana Splash is an awesome tool for increasing mobile leads and sales. It helps to optimize the mobile web funnel and deliver real-time customized experiences for every user.
Simply type in the URL of your website, add your name and email, and select your industry. Once you have added this information, you will need to choose a “splash.” This could be a pop-up message, coupon, app download, email signup, or any other call to action.
You have the power to select a design, add the text you wish to display, and choose where and when you want to show your ad.
You can select times of day, what web pages the splash should appear on, and other simple targeting options.
After you have completed these actions, the system generates a line of JavaScript code. You can add this to your website for triggering actions based on real-time mobile events.

4. 3DBin – For Creating Interactive 3D Videos of Your Products

E-commerce websites should have clear and interactive videos of their products. 3DBin makes this possible and presents an excellent user experience in order to generate more conversions.
3DBin allows you to create an interactive 360-degree view of any product. Simply follow the steps below:
  • Take pictures of the product that you wish to display in the video.
  • Upload the pictures to 3DBin.com.
  • Get the 360-degree view of the object.
It’s simple and easy, and if you want, you can simply use this tool as a plugin.

5. Prisync – For Tracking the Prices of Your Competitors

Prices have a significant role to play when it comes to e-commerce conversions. Customers are more inclined to choose a product that is offered at a lower price.
So it is important to keep track of your competitor pricing in order to stop customers from going to your competitors.
  • Prisync allows automatic tracking of the product prices of your competition.
  • Prices are updated four times a day, so there is no risk at all.
  • The solution offers dynamic reporting and email alerts whenever your competitors update a price.
You simply need to add the products and the competitor’s URL to the software, and Prisync will monitor all the price updates in a beautiful dashboard.

6. Zendesk – For Effective Customer Service

Zendesk is the leader in customer service software. You can easily set up 24/7 online service portals, robust knowledge bases, online communities, and intuitive FAQ searches.
Zendesk offers great features, such as:
  • Multi-channel support service (email, social, text, chat, etc.)
  • Live chat software
  • Social messaging apps
  • Integrated call center software
  • Various apps that integrate with Zendesk in numerous categories, including analytics and reporting, agent productivity, CRM, e-commerce, and social media
  • Shared team inbox
  • Effective analytics and reporting
  • The ability to benchmark your customer satisfaction ratings and support team performance against your targets

7. Shopify POS Retail – Everything You Need to Sell in Person

A successful e-commerce marketing strategy comprises optimizing both online and offline sales. One of the crucial components of selling goods is the method of payment accepted by a company.
Allowing your customers to pay via their own choice of payment can have a positive impact on your sales. Shopify POS is a powerful solution that allows your customers to pay with cash, credit, gift cards, Apple Pay, or Android Pay.
Some of the main advantages that Shopify POS offers are:
  • Record payments made via cash, external credit card terminals, store credit, or custom payment methods.
  • Generate individual PINs for easier staff management, and track your staff’s sales and register usage.
  • Record partial payments or split payments.
  • Monitor all your daily cash flow in a single dashboard.

8. CoSchedule – For Complete Social Media Management

E-commerce and social media go hand in hand. The powerful social analytics Coschedule offers make it easier to track ROI and get maximum sales.
Here are some of the top features this tool offers:
  • Uncover message level analytics, and easily share your most engaging content.
  • Track your content’s organic reach through campaign engagement reports.
  • Utilize powerful integration offered by Google Docs, Evernote, WordPress, Chrome, Google Analytics and Headline Analyzer.
  • Create your own marketing calendar, and simply drag and drop content for easy rescheduling.

9. Optimizely – For Conversion Friendly A/B Testing

Optimizely helps you choose improvements that maximize the revenue and profits of your business. What kind of improvements? Let’s take a look:
  • With a strong focus on customer experience, this tool creates different versions of your website and studies customer responses to each one. Why is this important? Testing these versions with A/B tests lets you understand what engages your customers the most. The main aim of these experiments is to improve conversion rates and, eventually, your revenue.
  • The visual editor of this tool is unique, allowing you to implement changes by clicking rather than coding.
  • Lift measurement and analytics measure the impact all your personalization choices have on your e-commerce site.
  • You can easily track click-through rates and conversion rates.
  • Optimizely is compatible with any device, including Android and iOS platforms.
  • You can easily handle the software without a development team.
The outcome is a new workflow that facilitates the creation of campaigns aimed at multiple consumers. This workflow can handle the complexities involved with personalizing at scale.

10. ReferralCandy – For E-commerce Store Referrals

ReferralCandy lets you use different marketing techniques to rake in customers. The software is simple and easy to use, but what boosts the popularity of this tool is its referral incentives.
The methods ReferralCandy uses all but guarantee a sale once a customer visits your site. This ability makes the software ideal for online stores just starting out, as well as for older e-commerce sites.
The referral program produces the best results when a buyer is invited to take part in the first couple of days of making a purchase.
The tool has a unique refer-a-friend program that offers users a wide variety of advocate invitation choices. These include post-purchase pop-ups, emails, links contained within newsletters, and bulk or manual invite options.
Advocates can sign up for this program via a sign-up form or by clicking a link. The software also lets advocates choose their reward preferences, as well as the frequency with which they would like to receive updates about the referral program.

11. BuzzSumo – For Purposeful Content Marketing

BuzzSumo is the go-to tool when it comes to marketing research, especially for content marketing programs.
The platform lets users review seasonality and gauge the popularity of a specific topic on social media. BuzzSumo has some great content curation features, and you can use them to investigate how certain content or topics perform on the Internet.
The most helpful features include:
  • Content alerts: this nifty tool lets you set up custom alerts that notify you whenever anybody mentions a certain keyword. This is valuable information when you’re link building on current topics.
  • You can set up separate alerts for branded search terms and keywords, along with author, link, and domain alerts. These alerts prove useful to SEOs.
  • Content analysis reports: if detailed reports are what you’re after, you’re in luck. The BuzzSumo dashboard allows you to see and know everything about a specific subject.
  • Domain comparisons: this feature allows for a detailed comparison between two domains and provides the data for you in real time.

12. SEMrush – For SEO Analysis

Available via the cloud, SEMrush is one of the most popular SEO tools out there and allows you to access your campaign anytime, anywhere.
SEMrush provides a detailed, behind-the-scenes look at your biggest competitors and lets you use the information to develop a more profitable marketing campaign. The software has many useful features for online businesses:
  • Makes it easier than ever before to build benchmark data
  • Helps you identify your top competitors and analyze the performance of your organic searches
  • Facilitates the research of long tail keywords, analyzes common keywords, locates keyword gaps, and measures keyword competition
  • Allows you to track competitor ranks
  • Supports paid keyword tracking and analysis, as well as paid search competitors
  • Prominently displays ad campaigns and helps monetize any web traffic your site receives
  • Lets you compare domains and visualize the data you require
  • Makes auditing websites easier—you’re now able to track keyword positions
  • Comes with a simple drag-and-drop report builder

E-Commerce Marketing Tools Simplify Your Life

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