iOS 11: the main innovations that arrive on your iPhone or iPad

The Opening Keynote of the WWDC 2017 was at least dense, among the many innovations was iOS 11. We talk here about most important ones.

Augmented reality

Apple wanted to focus on ARKit, a development platform for augmented reality applications. It’s only at the project stage for the moment, but we know that IKEA is working on an application exploiting the technology. It is fairly easy to imagine that this will be linked to virtual furnishings. This is the example Apple took during its conference. By putting a lamp and a cup on a table. Pok√©mon GO will also enjoy it.

Siri tells you the future.

  • The interface of Siri has been reviewed, closer to the “Google Card” of Moutain View.
  • The assistant’s voice has been enhanced to be more natural.
  • He will suggest questions to ask in relation to the previous one.
  • There will be more results for the same topic to reduce errors.
  • Siri can now translate live. From English to German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and French (and probably in the opposite direction, but it’s not clear). To begin.
  • There will be suggestions based on what you are doing right now: mark an appointment in the calendar, reply to a message with your position for example.
  • He will be able to learn words from articles you have read. This especially convenient for proper names.
  • All this is private, only between you and your device, nothing on the web.
  • Siri will open up to third-party developers. We think of Uber.
  • In summary: Siri catches up on Google Assistant.

Lighter photos

  • The Camera application has been reviewed on features and technology.
  • The photos have a right to a new format.
  • The software part has also been reviewed, notably to better manage low light with optical stabilization.
  • It will be possible to create loops from Live Photo (as on Instagram and other social applications). They can also be edited.
  • There will be a new “long exposure” mode to create artistic blurring in particular.
  • The videos of the “Memories” function can be viewed horizontally and vertically.

All-in-one control center

  • More than just one sign for the control center instead of three.
  • The interface is reviewed to access more functions.
  • 3D Touch will provide access to sub-options.

Unified Lock and Notification Screen

  • The lock screen will display all notifications (if desired).
  • You can also scroll through the locked screen.
  • From a slide to the right on the left, one keeps a quick access to the widgets or the camera.

iMessage synchronized, finally

  • iMessage will be entitled to its new batch: the main one is the synchronization via iCloud, which means that your messages read on your iPhone will also be on your Mac and vice versa. Finish the notification torrent when you go home and turn on your Mac.
  • There will now be an application drawer to find his stickers more easily.

Apple Pay: Refund your friends

  • This is a feature related to both iMessage and Apple Pay: it will be possible to transfer money to friends directly via an iMessage. The thing we can already do with several third-party applications, but this will facilitate transactions.
  • Payment may be authenticated by fingerprint.
  • This will be compatible with all iOS devices and Apple Watch.

Apple Maps, inside

  • Apple Maps wins plans for various shopping malls and airports. For the moment, nothing is announced in France, it will be for later.
  • By car, Maps will indicate the allowed speeds.
  • The application will also specify the ideal positioning in the lane on routes that have more than one.

Car Play and iOS 11

  • By installing iOS 11, you will have an option to not be disturbed while driving.
  • This will disable notifications purely and simply. You have to look at the road.
  • The passenger may, however, override.
  • There will be an automatic reply to the messages, to signal that you are driving.
  • In the case of emergency, we can answer “urgent” and the message will pass all the same.

Apple Music and AirPlay 2

  • AirPlay 2 comes in and supports multiroom systems.
  • This will also work with third-party applications.
  • One can make public playlists and share them. As on Spotify.

The App Store revised from top to bottom

  • Major update for the App Store that will be completely redesigned.
  • Games, apps will have a dedicated tab, a third will be dedicated to the applications selected today. One way to better highlight some apps.
  • In-app purchases will have a dedicated place to promote them and tell the user more clearly what they understand. Must Read:How to clear cookies on iPhone ?

iOS 11 on iPad: a portable computer

All these new features will happen on the iPad, but the tablet gains other exclusive features, which will bring it closer to a more formal computer.
  • Main addition: the arrival of a file manager. We will be able to navigate its tablet as it does in Mac OS, or almost.
  • We can do “drag and drop”.
  • Multitasking is through with a mission control display, and the ability to overlay two apps. Yes, it is the arrival of a window on iPad.
  • It also gains a “real” dock, where you can drag many applications.
  • The Apple Pencil is even better supported, we can almost annotate everything.
  • The Notes application recognizes handwriting … so it can be used as a keyword for a Spotlight search.

iOS 11 beta 5 estimated release date

Since we were right about the release of the iOS developer beta 4 on the 24th of July we decided to speculate on the release of the iOS 11 beta 5. 
Apple releases a series of improved betas leading up to a major iOS 11 update. Most of the updates will just fix a few bugs found in the previous beta – these may be detailed in the release notes – but some will add new features that hadn’t been available before. Apple will continue to release betas after iOS 11 launches, too. There will be a beta of iOS 11.1, for example, before it’s made available to everyone, not just developers. Must Read:How to clear cookies on iPhone ?
At the time of writing the latest version is iOS 11 developer beta 4. Here is a summary of the changes and features added in the iOS 11 beta 4: Must Read:How to find kik chat rooms?
  • New splash screen for Notes App
  • Modified Notes App icon
  • New splash screen for Photos App
  • Updated Reminders App icon
  • New Contacts App icon
  • Slightly modified Safari logo
  • Bolder Wi-Fi status bar icon
  • Icons for WebApp Store, and Maps search options in Spotlight
  • Updated Timer icon in Control Center
  • New Screen Recording count down animation in Control Center
  • Screen Recording now says “Start Recording” instead of Broadcasting
  • New Low Power Mode icon animation in Control Center
  • New mute icon animation on iPad Control Center
  • Relocated AirDrop preferences panel
  • Settings → General → About → Capacity now shows capacity on marketing materials
  • Pull-to-refresh in App Store Updates tab
  • Swipe gestures on Lock screen Notifications (View/Clear/Open)
  • Open apps from Lock screen Notifications with new Touch ID UI
  • App Switcher auto-closes when all apps cleared
  • App Switcher won’t launch when all apps closed
  • iCloud Message sync settings now in iCloud preferences

iOS 11 beta 4 has just been released and it’s currently available to registered developers for now. Apple typically holds new public beta versions for a few days for major updates. If you don’t have a developer account but still want to try the iOS 11 developer beta, check out this article on how to install iOS 11 beta without a developer account that we wrote previously.

So what’s the iOS 11 beta 5 estimated release date?

Apple beta releases typically follow a two-week schedule. Since the iOS 11 beta 3 release came on July 10th and the beta 4 on July 24th, the iOS beta 5 should arrive on 7th of August, give or take a few days.


This feature of iPhone 8 will change the industry

As we all know as the dependency on our mobile is increasing with every passing day, from our personal or professional information all most everything is getting accommodation on our mobile device. In all this scenario security is the greatest concern of most of us.

To cater this issue, we have various security applications and technology like the fingerprint scanner and newly launched Iris scanner are available in the market, but, the facial recognition technology used in latest models of iPhone would make something very enormous.

The main intention behind using this technology in iPhones is to make the space available for a larger screen. Apple first decided to change the location of fingerprint sensor from the home button. But later thought it could not be a good option as it will give verification error. Apple says, “Fingerprint verification would not be a good option as there are many people whose fingerprints might change while working with cleaning products or someone who take drugs.

On the other hand, facial recognition technology will also create problems when an individual applies cosmetics on their face or when there is no sufficient light. Hence, Apple has come up with the solution by combining both iris scans and the facial recognition technology. This combined technology could surely give better results as compared to the fingerprint recognition.

Apple will not make the changes for its users alone. It will also try to persuade other organizations, banks, dealers to use their application. Many online transactions need to authenticate the data. Hence, this technology will find a way for many online transaction systems. iPhone with this trending technology will hit the market most probably this year.

According to an Apple tracker Neil Cybart, “The technology is not just going to make the life of the customers easier, but the authentication process will also be very user-friendly. And of course, it is going to improve the security to the higher extent.” Apple will go with the facial recognition technology with its latest iPhones and in case the technology fails it will come back to traditional pin digit approach.

Screen size

It is anticipated that the next iPhone will have an edge-to-edge screen with curved edges. Apple will reduce the size of the bezels around the screen to allow for a bigger screen. In other words, Apple will be able to fit an iPhone 7 Plus-sized screen on an iPhone 7-sized body. Furthermore, it is believed that Apple will deviate from the use of its traditional LCD screens and install the latest OLED technology on its new smartphone.

iPhone 8 camera

Leaked photos of potential iPhone 8 developmental units show that Apple is changing the design of the back of the iPhone. Allegedly the iPhone 7 Plus the dual-lens design is back; however, the camera lenses are installed vertically instead of horizontally.

Augmented reality

There are reports that Apple is considering adding augmented reality functionality as part of the new iPhone’s default offering. This rumor is believed to have some substance because the Apple CEO has made it known that he is enamored with the technology that makes augmented reality possible.

Samsung is afraid of iPhone 8 launch

Apple is all set to launch the 10th edition iPhone in September (expected). The device is going to feature revolutionary bezel-less design and many new and improved features of iPhone. The internet is full of the stories about the leaks and rumors of upcoming iPhone, which is also known as iPhone 8.
But the recent reports suggest that Samsung is somewhere afraid of iPhone 8. Yes, you read it correct Samsung is afraid of iPhone 8 launch.

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The company on Thursday (July 27) announced record earnings due in part to the success of its Galaxy S8 smartphone, but also because of the growth in its component business. As per the report, Galaxy S8 outsold the Galaxy S7 during the period, Samsung said, although the mobile division did not post record sales because of a decrease in mid-range and entry-level phone sales.

As per the report, Samsung is forecasting the increased competition in the mobile landscape in the second half of the year, and while it doesn’t specifically mention the iPhone 8, it seems the company is somewhat afraid of Apple’s upcoming handset.
“In the second half, demand for smartphones and tablets is forecast to increase as the market enters a period of strong seasonality,” Samsung said in a blog post. “However, competition is expected to intensify as new smartphone models are released by competitors.”

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The company did confirm that a Galaxy Note is going to be launched in Q3. A few days ago, Samsung confirmed that it’ll unveil a new smartphone on August 23rd, which can only be the Galaxy Note 8.
“In response, Samsung will launch a new Galaxy Note with enhanced performance and features, to maintain the strong sales momentum of its premium smartphones, together with the Galaxy S8 and S8+,” the company said.

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But Samsung doesn’t think its mobile division will do better in the third quarter of the year, compared to the period ending in June.

“Looking into the third quarter, revenue and profit are expected to decline QoQ due to increased marketing expenses associated with the launch of the new Galaxy Note and the reduced launching effect of the Galaxy S8 and S8+,” Samsung said.

Huawei going to launch the competitor of iPhone 8

We are the in the era where bezel-less displays are the new norm. All most every company is trying to make the phone with a bezel-less display. The trend was started by Xiaomi and taken to the different level by LG and Samsung, it is expected that Apple will launch their 10th edition iPhone with the bezel -less display.

In the recent development, Huawei is also looking to shift to 'full-screen' displays when it launches the Mate 10 flagship, CEO c confirms. In an interview with Bloomberg, Richard Yu said that the Mate 10 will be unveiled right around the time Apple reveals its next iPhone, which means we're looking at a possible September unveiling. In fact, Huawei's CEO unabashedly revealed that the Mate 10 will have features that will trump Apple.

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"We will have an even more powerful product," Yu says. "The Mate 10, which has much longer battery life with a full-screen display, quicker charging speed, better-photographing capability and many other features that will help us compete with Apple."
Bezel-less displays have been a trend for smartphones in 2017, and Huawei's CEO has confirmed rumors that began earlier this month that the successor to the Mate 9 will feature a near bezel-less display as it looks to grow mobile shipments this year and take on the giant Apple. 

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The CEO's remarks come soon after Huawei reported a slowdown in smartphone shipments the year with an estimated 140 million-150 million smartphones expected to ship by year-end. This is only marginally better than last year's 139 million figures. Huawei claims the reason behind this is that the company is focusing on chasing profits rather than volumes, and it plans on doing this by shifting focus towards high-end phones.
The Chinese manufacturer also plans on unveiling an "AI processor" this year that looks to make smartphones "intelligent". Yu, however, did not clarify whether Huawei's dedicated AI processor will be included with the upcoming Mate 10.

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Other than the bezel less display Smartphone is also expected to feature facial recognition, support for AR, and could have 3D sensing as well. Additionally, the smartphone is tipped to come with iris scanning and is expected to be powered by Huawei's HiSilcon Kirin 970 SoC based on the 10nm process.
The Huawei Mate 10 is tipped to come with a 6-inch (1080x2160 pixels) display with an 18:9 aspect ratio, identical to the LG G6 and similar to the Galaxy S8. Cameras on the smartphone are expected to be Lieca-branded, as was the case with the Mate 9.